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It adapts to living in any space and is capable of coexisting with all types of people. They have a way of being carefree and affectionate. The Yorkshire Terrier is the most popular small dog breed in the world. It is an ideal dog to live in an apartment, since it does not require much space and it coexists perfectly with children as well as with older people. It is a funny and playful dog that you can take anywhere. Besides, it is not difficult to train, although it can become needy if you don't educate it well.




15-20 years


14-26 cm

General characteristics

He is a very playful and friendly dog. He loves to be the center of attention and needs to exercise.

This breed is very dynamic and needs long walks and games.

It tends to bark a little, which makes it a good watch dog.

He gets along well with children, although if you have them, it is good to teach them to treat him carefully, so that he does not suffer damages, since due to his size, he is a more fragile animal than those of bigger breeds.

Its hair is shiny and silky, and can vary from gray to black. In the head, chest and legs it presents a tan color.

How to care for yorkshire terriers

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