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Wiener dog

It is a dog that is characterized by its long body, from which it receives its name of weiner dog, but also of being a very faithful and friendly companion, perfect for those who are going to have a dog in their home for the first time and do not have experience in its care. In spite of its tender appearance, the weiner dog was raised as a hunting dog, but nowadays it is dedicated to spend time with its family




15-20 years


14-26 cm

General characteristics

It is a happy, sociable and playful dog. This small and long dog is also a very brave dog, result from the past dedicated to hunting.

They are intelligent dogs, perfect for living in harmony.

Thanks to his intelligence he will quickly learn who is the "leader of the pack" but to make sure he does, don't forget to set some house rules.

He is an extraordinary dog to keep children and old people company.

There are two sizes, miniature and standard, with three types of hair, long, smooth and hard, and in any of its variants they will steal your heart.

How to take care of a Weiner dog puppy

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