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What are the calmest small dog breeds?


If you are looking for the companionship of a dog and you are such a busy person that you prefer to spend your free time at home in peace and quiet and do not want to have an energetic dog, you can choose from the different calmest small dog breeds.

This is also a good option for elderly people, families with small children and for those who live in small apartments and want to avoid barking that may disturb their neighbors. Whatever your reason, in our Las Almenas blog we want to show you which are the small and quiet dog breeds that fit your ideals.


Characteristics of Small and Quiet Dog Breeds

In general, small breed dogs tend to be active and energetic. It is also common for them to have a high-pitched and somewhat shrill bark, which can be quite annoying to those living at home, as well as to the neighborhood.

However, we can identify certain small, calm dog breeds that fit these characteristics:

-They do not need much physical activity.

Although it is not usual, there are small and calm dog breeds. They are dogs that do not need so much activity to release stress. This does not mean that they do not need to go out to the street to walk and relieve themselves, but that they will not be a dog that gets overexcited in any circumstance.


-They are not temperamental

Some small and calm dog breeds are not very confrontational or active. However, even if genetically a dog is a calm breed and has this predisposition, it will be the education and socialization that you can provide to your dog what determines these behaviors. Therefore, it is recommended that your dog socializes with others of its species and with people from the time it is a puppy.




7 calmest small dog breeds

Surely you know many quiet dog breeds, but precisely they are usually large breeds such as the Greyhound, Great Dane, St. Bernard, … and that is why perhaps they are not the best choice of dog breeds for apartments. It is true that these dogs are not very active, but, due to their large size, they need more exercise.

If you already know that your preference is a toy or mini dog, pay attention to the selection of small and quiet dog breeds that we propose from Las Almenas.



Besides being one of the most elegant dogs, it is also one of the best small and calm dog breeds. It is a very intelligent dog, as well as cheerful and playful. But, above all, the Pomeranian ( ) is a peaceful dog and not at all aggressive. You will be able to spend long quiet evenings by his side stimulating his intelligence. As he socializes very well, you can let him play even with children, as he will respect and protect them from strangers.

The Pomeranian is, without a doubt, a very attractive breed if what you want is a small, compact and elegant dog with a cheerful and vital disposition, a great personality and intelligence that more than compensate its diminutive size.

It is a breed that knows how to be alert. It is also a curious dog that tends to keep busy on its own. This is because the Pomeranian is also one of the most independent breeds of the miniature dog group.

You will have to educate him about his barking, as, although he is very small, this dog has a very loud bark and works very well as a watchdog.



2-Bichon Maltese

The Maltese Bichon is another of the small and calm dog breeds par excellence. It is a very affectionate as well as cheerful dog. It is also intelligent and does not need much physical activity. What’s more, the Bichon Maltese is a sleepyhead. He loves to sleep. It also does not require too much exercise or physical activity. That is why it is an ideal companion for living in small apartments, with families with children and with elderly people.

It is also worth mentioning that the Maltese Bichon is considered one of the hypoallergenic breeds, since it hardly sheds any hair. Undoubtedly, this is another interesting characteristic to take into account, even more so if there are people with allergies at home.


3- Pug or pug

The pug or pug is characterized by being especially affectionate with children. It is such a family dog that it prefers the company of its family to that of other dogs. In addition, it does not like to exercise, that is why we place it in our list of small and calm dog breeds.

As a puppy, like most mini breed dogs, he is very playful, likes to jump and run, but these qualities tend to disappear over the years to become more quiet and homely.


4-Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is another hypoallergenic breed, as this dog does not shed hair. This is an interesting point if you are a person who suffers from allergies or if you are very careful with your home and want your apartment to be free of dog hair.

The Shih Tzu is also one of the most suitable small and calm dog breeds. It is very affectionate with family, visitors and other pets. In addition, it is a great loyal companion and is one of the small and calm dog breeds for children.

Did you know that this breed was originally bred to live in the palaces of the Chinese nobility? Even if your apartment does not have those huge dimensions, there is no problem because the Shih Tzu adapts to the most modest spaces.


5- French Bulldog

This is another of the small and quiet dog breeds ideal for small houses and apartments, as it is small in size, quiet and very sleepy. It is not a breed that loves long walks, but it is playful, active and sociable.

The French Bulldog is also intelligent, but in some cases it can be stubborn so you will have to educate its behavior since it is a puppy.



For us, the Poodle ( ) is the dog we consider the most intelligent of the 7 breeds we breed in Las Almenas. It is also one of the small and calm dog breeds that you can take home with you, whatever the size of your home.

The poodle is a playful dog that likes to demand affection from the people around it, so it will be a good choice if there are small children in the house. They can be barkers if they are left alone or in the presence of strangers. Here it will depend on their education that they can control these issues. The good thing is that, being so intelligent, you will be able to train him very easily.




The Teckel, also known as a dachshund because of its appearance, is another of the small and calm dog breeds we breed at Las Almenas.

Although its origin was to be a hunting dog that could get into burrows and small places thanks to its short legs, it is now a very familiar dog.

Being such a loyal and friendly companion, this makes him an exceptional dog if you are looking for companionship for children and the elderly. It is also the perfect breed for those who are going to have a dog in their home for the first time and have no experience in its care. You will have to take care of its coat very little!

The Dachshund requires you to pay special attention to its weight, as this breed is prone to obesity. Therefore, daily walks are essential, although they do not need to be long.


Correct dosage of energy

We have already told you about these seven breeds of small and calm dogs. The fact that they are not energetic dogs does not mean that you should not provide them with certain daily walks and exercise. In fact, you may be dealing with a dog that is calm in the home, but requires a large dose of exercise.

Even if he is small, your new friend will need to go out daily. Otherwise, he will not be able to release his energy and, in turn, may develop anxiety or aggression. Also, if you don’t give him the attention and affection he needs, your furry friend can become a little tyrant.

Remember that you should also be a part of his peace of mind and you should reward this type of behavior if you wish to do so.

You will all be happier if your dog has a balanced character and for this it is essential that he socializes with other dogs, as well as people and things. Even if he is one of the small and quiet dog breeds, he is still a friend who needs you.


We help you in the selection of your pet

As you can see, there are many small and calm dog breeds, each of them with its own particular character. That is why not all of them are suitable for living in small apartments and sharing a home with children or elderly people.


In Las Almenas we breed some of these small and calm dog breeds, but also others that are more energetic, such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the Biewer. Since we develop a responsible breeding, we know each and every one of our puppies and we can help you to select the most suitable one according to the characteristics and lifestyle of you and your family. In addition, we promote the socialization of all of them since they are only a few weeks old so that, when they arrive at their new home, they can adapt more easily and not be frightened by the novelties.

When selecting the best specimen for you, we take into account the character of each animal, whether it is energetic, quiet, dependent or independent. If your home is not a palace and you spend many hours away from home for work reasons, you may be interested in a docile and calm breed that does not require too much exercise and that will keep you company when you return home.

Responsible breeding of your purebred dog can ensure the health, socialization and genetics of your puppy. But we also take care to give you the most appropriate information to know how to act and educate your dog with respect and affection, as he deserves.

What did you think of our article? Do you still have doubts about small and calm dog breeds? Leave us your questions below or tell us about your experiences with these mini or toy breeds. And don’t forget to follow our news and tips through our Facebook and Instagram profiles and Las Almenas YouTube channel where you can meet our team and our litters. We are waiting for you!

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