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The shedding of hair in dogs, why does this happen?


It is time for the shedding of hair in dogs and, as it is normal, you are finding hair everywhere and the vacuum cleaner can’t cope with it. Dog shedding is a natural occurrence that you can’t stop. What you can do is to apply a series of tricks that allow you and your dog to go through this process without too much discomfort.

Do you want to know why this happens and what are the tricks to make shedding hair in dogs more bearable? Keep reading our article that we have prepared from Las Almenas.


Why do dogs shed their hair?

Just as it happens to people, as well as to other mammals with hair, with the change in light activity and temperature that occurs in different seasons of the year, the hair moult appears.

This natural process, which also occurs in dogs, is the way in which they regenerate their fur and thus adapt to the temperatures to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Dogs that live outdoors, such as on a farm or in pastures, receive more light and are exposed to temperature changes more easily than city dogs that live in apartments. That is why the shedding of hair in country dogs is very marked in two phases: at the end of spring, beginning of summer; and at the end of autumn, when winter begins.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that if your dog lives in a more closed environment and does not go outside much, the shedding of hair in dogs is constant throughout the year. In other words, hair follicle growth and shedding can occur several times a year without being very marked.

This is due to the fact that they are exposed to heating and air conditioning, which have a decisive influence on hair shedding in dogs.

However, there are also other factors that interfere with hair loss that are not directly related to shedding, such as the dog’s diet, health and genetic predisposition.



Symptoms of shedding in dogs

Between four and 14 months is when your puppy’s first shedding occurs. This depends on the time of the year he is born. From that first molt you will be able to observe different signs that will warn you that the molting season has begun:

-Hair all over the house: this is one of the most obvious signs of shedding in dogs. However, you have to notice if the loss occurs throughout the year or if you are in a period in which the loss is greater than at other times.

-Whole clumps of hair: During the shedding of hair in dogs it is easy to find balls or whole clumps of hair around the house or falling off your dog. Don’t panic! This is something that is normal, as long as it is a matter of a few weeks.

-The dog scratches. Before thinking that he has fleas or a skin problem, it is better to try to check if it is due to the shedding. During shedding, dogs often scratch to remove any loose hair that is bothering them. If you see a lot of scratching and it does not seem to be related to the coat, it is better to consult your veterinarian.

-Change of coat color. It is also common that, during the shedding of hair in dogs, layers of hair of different color or texture appear. Do not worry because this change is due to new hair appearing underneath.


How long does the shedding last?

Usually, the length of time for dogs to molt is one to two months. However, there are some factors that affect and may cause this time to be longer or, on the contrary, shorter:


There are breeds that, due to their genetics, tend to shed more or less hair. For example, some of the breeds that we breed in Las Almenas are characterized precisely for shedding little hair and being hypoallergenic breeds, as is the case of the Maltese bichon ( that, in spite of having a good volume of hair, do not shed a single hair. Something similar also happens to the Yorkshire Terrier ( ) or the Shih Tzu ( ).


Type of hair

In general, short-haired dogs tend to shed more hair than long-haired or curly-haired dogs.



Quality of food

The food you feed your dog also influences its coat. With a good diet you will get your dog to lose less hair and also look healthy, shiny and strong.

On the contrary, a diet poor in vitamins and trace elements causes a brittle, dry coat and hair loss, especially on the back and hips.



Bathing with products that are not suitable for dogs can also influence the abundance of shedding hair.


Hormonal status

In addition to sunlight, hormones also influence hair shedding in dogs. Thus, in the case of females, they usually moult after the end of the heat cycle or after giving birth to their puppies. Also the fact of suffering a psychological pregnancy can cause them to lose more hair than normal.



If for any reason your dog is stressed, do not be surprised if this leads to an accentuated hair loss that can last for a couple of days. If the stress is continuous, the hair loss will be alarming and you will have to consult your veterinarian.



Tips and tricks for shedding in dogs

What can you do to limit shedding in dogs? The truth is that you cannot eliminate this process, but you can make it more bearable. For this, from Las Almenas we advise you:


1-Your house always clean

Yes, we know that this is complicated and that the vacuum cleaner is going to be fuming, but cleanliness is essential to avoid the different types of allergies that may arise. Try to maintain an adequate hygienic state.


2-Brush your dog daily

It is one of the best ways to shorten the duration of the shedding of hair in dogs, besides being able to prevent hair loss throughout the rest of the year. Dog brushing should be done daily using the most appropriate combs, brushes and cards for each coat, length and texture. Do you have any doubts about this? Then we recommend you to read our article “Brush for dogs, which one is the most suitable?“.

Remember to brush gently and in the direction of the hair. Do it when you come back from a walk or from playing, as he will be calmer and will allow himself to be brushed.


3-Bathe your dog with the appropriate frequency.

To remove dead hair, you should bathe your dog perhaps more frequently than usual. But be careful, don’t overdo it with the frequency and be careful with the products you use. If you do not use specific shampoos, hair loss can worsen.

Remember that before bathing, you should brush your dog’s hair to avoid tangles and remove dead hairs beforehand.


4-Deworm your dog

After the bath, it is advisable to prevent the appearance of parasites in your dog’s coat, especially during the moulting season to protect your furry friend and the whole family living with him.


5-Reinforce its feeding

As we have already mentioned, food is essential to achieve a nourished, shiny and healthy coat. It would be good for you to reinforce your dog’s diet with foods rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that you can add once a day in his food. These products, which are found naturally in foods such as fish, can be purchased in specialized stores or veterinary centers.

And you, what do you do when your dog changes its hair?

Do you have any advice on how to deal with shedding hair in dogs? Share it with all of us here below in the comments box or, if you prefer, leave us your comments on our Facebook and Instagram profiles or on Las Almenas YouTube channel, where you will find more information about our toy and mini breeds breeder.

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We hope that with these tips on shedding hair in dogs you can face this time with more resources and in a more bearable way.

See you soon!

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