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The best 12 Apps for dogs


Surely if you take a look at your cell phone you have downloaded countless applications, but how many are really useful? In our blog Las Almenas we propose 5 apps for dogs that, for sure, will not leave you indifferent, as they will facilitate many aspects related to your pet.

As you can imagine, there are more and more apps for dogs. Many of them help you to get to know your dog better, others offer ideas to make him happy, other apps for dogs point out pet friendly places where you can go with your furry friend… There are also apps for dogs that help you to know and apply care in feeding, games, exercise, etc…

It is clear that for those of us who love dogs, our pets are more than our best friend and we try to spend as much time as possible with them. And since more and more of us have pets as part of our lives, it is logical that the production of dog apps has skyrocketed in recent years.

Not all dog apps are essential, but it is true that many of them can get us out of trouble and help us in the coexistence and enjoyment of our dogs. Here we show you some of them.




1. Apps to take care of your dog

We can’t always go on vacation with our dog or spend as much time with him as we would like. That’s why there are apps that allow you to leave your dog in the best hands. Some of these apps are platforms that put dog sitters and dog walkers in contact with pet owners.

This is the case of GUDOG, one of the apps for dogs dedicated to finding dog sitters and dog walkers for a few hours, as well as places to leave your dog when you can’t take it with you.

Similar is the ROVER platform, where you will find a network of caregivers who can walk your dog or come to your house to feed it or even take it in for a few days. In this way, you can leave your dog with the minimum of attention. Obviously, this is a paid service whose price will vary depending on the dog sitter, their experience and the services they can offer your dog.

However, if what you are looking for is a hotel for dogs, which meets security and professionalism, you know that in Las Almenas, besides being a breeder for mini breeds, we are also a kennel and we have the best facilities in Asturias to make your dog enjoy a vacation under the professional care of the team of Las Almenas.


2. Apps to keep your dog in shape

You may find very useful apps for dogs that accompany you on the walk, in their training and guide you in the exercises and training to make your dog progress and train properly.

An example of this type of apps for dogs is DOGO. It is an application that helps you to train your dog in a simple but very effective way. In addition to showing you training videos, this application offers examples of different exercises that you can teach your furry friend to learn from the basics, such as sitting, to more complex activities. Without a doubt, this free app is very useful if you want to keep your dog in shape.

PETOMETER is another of the apps for dogs that allows you to have a history of all the places you have walked with your faithful canine friend. This way you can keep track of the number of kilometers you walk together every day. This application also recommends you exercises and allows you to program to include a reminder of when it’s your turn to go for a walk again.


3.Apps to find pet-friendly places

If you don’t want to leave your dog home alone when you go out, PET WELCOME is a must-have app for you, especially if you take your dog everywhere. Here you will find a complete list of hotels, shopping malls, hairdressers, bars, museums, cafes, restaurants, among other places where your pet will be welcome.

Of similar characteristics is SR PERRO, an application that will help you know where to move around with your dog in big cities. This app will show you the best places around you where furry dogs are welcome anywhere in Spain. In addition to hotels, feed stores, veterinarians or dog walkers, this free application allows you to consult the opinions of users and, if you wish, you can add your own rating.


4. Apps for your dog’s health control

If you are a forgetful person and need to create an agenda to remember important dates such as when you have to deworm your dog, vaccinate it or go for a veterinary check-up, UPET is for you.

This application is also very useful in case you lose your dog, since it is used to find it by means of an aluminum plate that the dog wears and that allows its tracking by sending the owner the exact address where it is located. This application is free and only available for Android.

PET MASTER PRO is also very useful for the organization of your dog’s medical controls. You can keep track of all the information regarding veterinary appointments, legal documents, medical history and even which foods are harmful to your dog and cause allergies, among others. This app for dogs is available for iOS and Android.

Precisely to control the foods that can be given or not given to a dog, there is IKIBBLE, a free application available only for iOS. Thanks to this app for dogs you will be able to solve any doubt regarding the feeding of your pet, indicating what foods you should give him, the right amounts, how often, how they should be prepared…


5.Apps for first aid

Would you know how to act and apply first aid to your dog? Well, this is the main objective of PetFirstAid, one of the apps for dogs that will help you through videos, illustrations and instructions, to treat your dog in an emergency situation until your dog can be attended by a veterinarian.

With this application you will not become a health expert, but you will feel safer knowing how to react and practice first aid.

In the Las Almenas blog we have already talked about the importance of having a first aid kit for dogs. This along with the first aid guide on your cell phone will allow you to act correctly.

And if what you need is to locate the nearest veterinary clinic in case of an emergency, accident or illness of the animal, you can use UVI24. It is one of the apps for dogs with greater coverage throughout Spain and service 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You only need to press a button or a fingerprint to call and be referred to the nearest veterinary center, which will have been informed before your arrival.

In case you want to report cases of animal abuse, you can use ALERT ANIMAL. This is, to date, the first application created to report cases of animal abuse. It has been created by the Observatory of Justice and Defense in Spain. Through GPS, with this app you can send the address of the place where a case of animal abuse is occurring. You also have the possibility of sending photographs and videos that help to demonstrate such animal abuse.


Help us to complete our list of apps for dogs

Now that you know our list of apps for dogs, you only have to select the one you find most useful because you will surely find that the cell phone is also an ally to take care of your dog.

And if you are already a user of some of these dog apps, tell us which one do you find most useful? Do you know other dog apps that should be in this list? We hope you help us to complete this list of apps and that you give us your assessment in terms of usefulness through our profiles on Facebook, Instagram, on our YouTube Channel, or by leaving us your comment right at the end of this article.

From Las Almenas we hope you find these apps for dogs useful and that they make your day to day life with your pet easier because if you are happy and enjoy your dog, he is definitely happy too.

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