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Shih Tzu

A small breed dog that stands out not only for its incredible spectacular coat, but also for its charming character. It is a strong and muscular dog, with peculiar characteristic: its hair, long and silky, never falls off. In fact, it is ideal for people with allergies, because Shih Tzu's do not lose their hair. Some are multicolored while others have only one color.




12-16 years


22-24 cm

General characteristics

Shih Tzu's have a very pretty face, with a proud expression, a fringe and a very funny snout: all that hair, which grows upwards, makes him look like a real Chrysanthemum.

His eyes are almost always dark, his ears hang gracefully, while his tail looks like a pompom and curls up on his back.

He is a charming dog, who loves to be pampered all day long.

With people and dogs he can play a thousand games without too much trouble.

He is an extremely intelligent breed and, despite his height, he is very brave.

With a good education he will respond to any type of order given with tranquility and without protest.

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