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Shave the dog’s hair in summer, is it advisable?


Yes, we already know that in summer, in certain areas of our country, the heat becomes suffocating. Maybe for this reason you are tempted to shave the dog’s hair in summer, with all your good intentions. But don’t do it! Without realizing it, you can put their health at risk.

Do you want to know why you shouldn’t shave your dog’s coat in summer? Then keep reading this article that we have prepared from Las Almenas in which we will also give you some essential tips to refresh your dog without cutting his hair.



Why is it a mistake to shave the dog’s hair in summer?

Many people cut and shave their hair to feel cooler. So it’s easy to think that you should do the same for your pets. However, it is very important for you to know that you should not shave your dog’s hair in summer. Well, not in summer and certainly not in winter, of course. Unless your veterinarian has recommended it to treat a special situation, such as an injury or illness.

The reasons why you should not shave your dog’s coat in summer are the following:

1-The coat protects from the sun

A dog’s coat is the only barrier its skin has to protect itself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you decide to cut a dog’s coat in summer, you are leaving him unprotected, since dogs’ dermis is very sensitive to sunlight. As a consequence, a dog’s skin may get sunburned or suffer injuries of various kinds.

2-Hair regulates body temperature

The coat helps thermal regulation in dogs, both in winter and summer.

When running and walking, it creates an internal air current that cools the dog. If you remove the coat, you also remove that draft. So, if you choose to shave the dog’s hair in summer it will be easier for him to suffer a heat stroke in dogs because he cannot self-regulate his own temperature.


3-The coat avoids insect bites.

The density of the coat allows dogs to be insulated from insect bites. It is precisely in spring and summer when the phlebotomine sandfly that transmits leishmaniasis, which is a serious disease, bites the most.

4- The coat stops the invasion of bacteria and viruses.

Your dog’s coat serves to reduce the invasion of bacteria and viruses that cause skin infections, as these sometimes get trapped in the fur.

5-The coat is a shield against scratches and other aggressions.

Another reason why it is important for your dog to keep its coat intact is because it serves to make the skin less exposed to scratches or wounds. Let’s say that the fur “cushions” the blows and scratches, as well as any kind of aggression or accidental contact with certain toxic products.

If you decide to shave your dog’s coat in summer, your furry friend will continue to be overheated and, in addition, you will leave him unprotected against bacteria, viruses, insects and ultraviolet rays”.


How to insulate a dog from heat in summer

Now that you know why it is not convenient to shave the dog’s hair in summer, from Las Almenas we want to give you a series of recommendations that will avoid the sensation of heat to a dog in summer so that it is cooler:


1-Eliminate the layers of dead hair

If you want your dog to be cooler without being well protected, you should remove the excess wool brushing your dog daily. It is a matter of removing the dead hairs and leaving the coat and skin clean. In addition, this practice will allow you to have less hair around the house.

If you have doubts about how to comb and untangle the knots in your dog’s coat, we recommend you read our articles: 10 Tips for brushing your dog’s coat and 5 fundamental tips for grooming and hygiene of short-haired dogs.

2-Bathing and care to protect your dog’s coat

Bathing will do two important things: refresh your dog and prevent the proliferation of knots. You know, the less knots, the less heat. So use a good shampoo and conditioner to keep your dog’s coat soft and well hydrated.

Remember also that at the beach or in the river it is very easy for the coat to get tangled, since after soaking, they usually roll around in the sand. When you get home, it is mandatory to bathe the dog.


3-How to cut a dog’s hair in the summertime

There are some breeds of dogs whose hair is usually trimmed all year round. The Maltese Bichon, the Yorkshire Terrier or the Dachshund are some examples of dogs whose hair is usually trimmed, but in no case is it a question of shaving the dog’s hair in summer.

Check with your veterinarian whether or not it is appropriate to trim your dog’s hair without exposing his skin to all the risks we have already mentioned. Dog groomers will also be able to tell you how to cut a dog’s hair in summer.

The most advisable is to keep our furry friend with a nice haircut leaving the length and density of hair enough for his skin to be well protected, as well as being comfortable (no hair in the eyes, etc.).


4-Realize the walk during the less hot hours.

This is a logical tip. Just as it is not advisable for you to exercise in the middle of the day in the middle of summer, it is not advisable for your dog either. Check the schedules and try to adjust to the early morning or late afternoon.


5-Avoid asphalt walks

If you are in the city, try to walk in parks and gardens. Hot asphalt in summer can burn their paw pads.


6-Avoid contact with hot beach sand.

As with asphalt in the city, you should also avoid letting your dog walk on hot beach sand, which can easily burn the pads.


7-Constant hydration

At home, make sure he always has water on hand and, when you go out for a walk, take enough water with you so he can drink and so you can refresh and wet him.


8-Feed him at cooler times of the day

It is possible that with the heat your dog has less appetite than usual, which is normal. So do not force him and above all try to give him his food in the cooler hours so that his digestion is not long or heavy.


9-Beware of heat stroke

Do not leave your pet locked in a car, not even to run a five-minute errand. Do not leave your pet on terraces or balconies, because, although there is air, the excess of sun and heat can cause a heat stroke with fatal consequences.


10-Change his bed

In summer, many dogs prefer to sleep on the floor of the house. If this happens to your dog, it is because his bed is too warm. In the market you can find other options that allow your dog to rest comfortably and cooler, such as cooling mats or mats made of breathable material.


11-Wetting your dog in key areas

Some people think that wetting the hair on your dog’s trunk and head is a good way to cool him down. However, experts advise against doing so because, by wetting the fur when the ambient temperature is very high, a kind of hot steam is produced which, far from cooling the dog, can even heat it up even more.

In addition, as they are covered with a thick layer of hair, the water with which you wet the dog’s coat does not always get through and come into contact with the skin. Therefore, the cooling sensation is practically non-existent.

To cool a dog properly, it is best to wet its belly, paw pads and wet the inside of the ears, taking care that the water does not get into the ear hole.

And if you have a river, the sea or a swimming pool, then do not hesitate to encourage your dog to bathe. This is undoubtedly the best way to refresh him.



12-Cooling environment to regulate body temperature dogs

Just as you protect yourself from the heat by seeking shade or cool places, you will have to do the same with your dog. It is also a good idea to place a fan that removes the environment or turn on the air conditioning in the room. This way you will prevent the temperature inside your house from rising excessively.

As you can see, there are many options to cool down without the need to shave the dog’s hair in summer. Can you think of any more ideas? Tell us about it below. You can also send us your questions at the end of this article or through our profiles on Facebook, Instagram or our Las Almenas YouTube channel. Enjoy the good weather!

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