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Responsible Breeding

Responsible breeding of purebred dogs, why is it so important?


In Las Almenas we want you and your dog to be happy and enjoy your relationship for many years to come. To achieve this, we believe that two fundamental issues are necessary.

On the one hand, we want a healthy dog that meets the right conditions to adapt to you and your family. For this, responsible breeding of your purebred dog can be a guarantee of the health, socialization and genetics of your puppy.

The other fundamental issue is that you have the most adequate information to know how to act and educate your dog with respect and affection as he deserves.

If you agree with both premises, we welcome you to our family Las Almenas, a kennel specialized in minis and toy breeds that meets the fundamental requirements to be a canine center that focuses on responsible breeding.

From now on this is also your place for information, education and problem solving so that you and your dog can enjoy yourselves as you deserve.

So, the better you know and understand your puppy, the better you will be able to help him and the more you will be able to enjoy with him.

What is responsible breeding?

Responsible breeding is not a business. For the entire Las Almenas team it is the center of our passion, we put the health of our puppies before anything else.

Our goal is to ensure that our puppies are physically and mentally stable dogs. For this, and since our beginnings some years ago, in Las Almenas we breed them in semi-freedom because this way they can socialize with other dogs, grow up without cages, surrounded by nature and full of love and care 24 hours a day.

Responsible breeding helps each of the 7 breeds we breed to maintain and even improve genetically adapting to new social customs.


For this we carry out a selective and very careful breeding, we check the health of each of our dogs, we respect the age and appropriate time for them to have their litter, we are aware of their hygiene and vaccinations…

But above all, we care about finding the most suitable family for our puppies with whom we remain linked for life to help in everything they may need from us.

We are a big family, the most fun and active dog community in the world!

Responsible breeding of purebred dogs, why is it so important?

Raising purebred puppies is more than just a job.

Responsible breeders have a passion for our puppies and dedicate the whole day to them, especially in the first weeks when complications can arise and it may be necessary to give bottles every 3 hours, as well as providing the right food for the mother and optimal conditions for the puppies.

Later, when the puppies are weaned, we responsible breeders take care of their feeding, hygiene, education and veterinary care. As many of you already know, our dedication is absolute, we live here with them.

Precisely, because we dedicate so much time to each of our dogs, we know their particularities and this helps us when selecting and evaluating each of the families or people who are interested in our puppies.

Therefore, a responsible breeder will ask you questions about your lifestyle and your knowledge about the breed of the dog, in order to make sure that the puppy will grow up in the most appropriate home.

Responsible breeding is important to perpetuate breeds, but also to get healthy, balanced and well-adjusted dogs.

Advantages of responsible breeding

Acquiring a puppy in a responsible breeding center assures you a series of qualities of the one that will be your best friend:

  • Breed dog.

We do not want any dog to become homeless, but responsible breeders defend the acquisition of purebred dogs because this way you can be sure how the animal is going to be. Otherwise, the risk you take may be too high.

If you adopt a dog without pedigree you will not know beforehand how it will behave, how it will adapt to your family or which is the most suitable environment according to its characteristics.

You can avoid all this by selecting the most suitable dog breed for you by trusting professional breeders who explain and give you information with data on each puppy.

They are born in our home, we know who their parents are and we select our dogs so that their puppies are genetically perfect.

This way you will not have any unpleasant surprises over time, and things do happen, we will tell you more about this in other articles. There are real misfortunes and scams, that’s why we write about this, to raise awareness and show how you should select a puppy that will live for many years with your family.

  • Healthy dog.

We take care of our litters with high quality food, air-conditioned environment, exhaustive hygiene, vaccination and deworming.

We do not deliver our puppies until they are at least three months old, because until that age they should be with their mother and siblings. In addition, while the puppy is suckling, it should not be vaccinated so that the antibodies transferred by its mother do not interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccine.

That is why we have to wait until week 5 to give the first vaccine, and at least one more month to complete the full primary vaccination, that is, week 9.

From that age, we can give you a healthy and vaccinated puppy that we have already been able to know and check carefully.

We leave nothing to chance and we take care of his health to the maximum so that at the moment of delivery you take home, above all, a healthy dog.

  • Social dog.

Our puppies raised in semi-freedom are used to socialize with other dogs, with other people and even with other animals so that when they get home they are not scared to be in another environment surrounded by other people and pets.

Socializing the puppy is the best way to ensure that it grows up in a balanced way and without behavioral problems. That is why this aspect is as important to us as the vaccinations.

Usually, between 3 and 12 weeks of life, puppies learn to recognize and live with other animals, people, objects, noises and environments, interacting with them.

This is a very important period in the dog’s life. Therefore, if puppy socialization is not done properly, the dog may have fear problems when it reaches adulthood.

However, socialization does not mean that we have to expose the puppy to all possible stimuli continuously until he gets used to it. What we have to achieve is that they are positive experiences for the dog.

In Las Almenas we try that our puppies socialize properly to help them grow up as calm and balanced dogs. This way we make them feel comfortable in a wider variety of situations and environments.

Those dogs that have grown up with lack of socialization tend to be more distrustful or even fearful. In short, dogs that have been correctly educated, as it happens in responsible kennels, have a much better quality of life, are calmer and happier than those that feel continuously stressed in their environment.

  • The most suitable dog for you.

The responsible breeder, after knowing your way of life, how your home is, which people are going to live with the dog, the attention that can be given every day and many other things, will recommend the breed and puppy that will best suit you and your routines.

In Las Almenas we advise from the first informative call that families make to us, whether or not they are still part of our community.

Responsible breeders can advise you and inform you of the qualities and weaknesses of each breed so that you know and respect their exercise and activity times, their feeding and that you learn to educate them in a responsible way.

You may have to wait weeks or even months until we can offer you the best dog for you, but it is the best way to make sure that this is the dog that will change your life forever.

  • Home advice.

When you take one of our puppies we will keep in touch with you because we have a very close bond with each family. Our responsible breeding continues beyond the kennel. We will continue to be at your side to answer your questions and help you in every possible way so that you and your puppy will be happy with each other.

It is not only a matter of beauty, also it is a responsible breeding

In Las Almenas we work with seven mini and toy breeds of adorable and very affectionate dogs.

We are a kennel for Bichon Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Yorkshire, Biewer, Poodle and Dachshund.

We firmly believe that there is a different way to raise dogs far from the idea of conventional kennel where puppies are in cages, do not socialize and do not receive the love and attention needed.

Our responsible breeding method not only gets beautiful dogs, but above all we get healthy, balanced and happy puppies, because our furry friends are part of our family and we take care of them as such.

If you need help finding your new life companion, ask us. You can leave your comments below or contact us. If you want more information about responsible parenting you can follow us on our social networks and YouTube channel or, if you prefer, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates from Las Almenas.

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