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It is one of the most elegant and appreciated by lovers of small breeds. Their size and coat make them look like beautiful cuddly toy. This dog stands out not only for its beautiful physical appearance, but also for its friendly character. The character of the Pomeranian is characterized by being a peaceful, happy, playful and very intelligent dog. In addition, it is extroverted and has good social skills with other dogs, people and animals. It is ideal for homes with children since it will play and respect them, at the same time as protecting them from strangers. He is not an aggressive dog but he will alert us with his barks if he observes something that is not familiar to him.




12-16 years


20-25 cm

General characteristics

Pomeranian breed puppies are really small, so we must be extremely careful with them.

They must stay with their mother until they are weaned, that is, which is when they are about two months old.

This dog breed, due to its small size, only has one, two or three puppies at most per litter.

Pomeranian puppies are like little stuffed animals, eager to play and have fun.

How to take care of a Pomeranian puppy

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