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Pomeranian dog breed, what should you know?


Welcome back to our blog, you know that here we share with you a lot of information about the world of dogs, and today we come to tell you many things about the Pomeranian dog breed. If you are thinking about getting a small, mini, toy or dwarf dog, you have to read this. If you are looking for an elegant, cheerful, intelligent, playful, cuddly and cuddly dog, the Pomeranian dog breed is for you. You just need to know all the details about the Pomeranian so that you understand each other better and that your coexistence is happy from the beginning.

Main characteristics of the Pomeranian dog breed?

The most characteristic of the Pomeranian dog breed is its small size and its coat. Adult Pomeranian dogs do not exceed 4 kg in weight and their usual height is 20-25 cm. Interestingly, the females of the Pomeranian dog breed weigh more than the males, something that does not usually happen in many other breeds.

Their coat is very striking because it is usually long, fine, silky and very pompous. It can combine a wide range of colors from ochre or cream to browns, passing through orange. You may also see the white color among the Pomeranian dog breed, but keep in mind that it is the most difficult to find and, therefore, it is the most sought after color. There are also the so-called bear-faced Pomeranians that have a rounded, puppy-like face, even in adult specimens.

How should you take care of a Pomeranian puppy?

In the Pomeranian dog breed, puppies moult their coat for about 3 months, which happens between 5 and 8 months of age. From then on, the coat is already considered as adult, although their coat will continue to fill in until they are 3 years old, which is when the Pomeranian dog breed evolves completely.

Do not panic if you see that your Pomeranian dog loses practically all its coat. Yes, we know that aesthetically it is not his best moment, but don’t worry because it is a totally natural process. It can also happen that, with your dog’s hair loss, there is a change in the color of its coat, something more common among orange or brown Pomeranian puppies.

If you have recently acquired a Pomeranian puppy, keep in mind that you will not be able to bathe him until he completes his first cycle of vaccinations and deworming. Consult your veterinarian or the breeder where you got your puppy.

And if we talk about feeding, what does a Pomeranian eat and how often does it eat?

As we have already told you, the Pomeranian dog breed is a mini or toy dog breed and, like most of these breeds, its metabolism is very fast. This means that their stomach is also small and they need to eat small amounts of food, but more frequently. Therefore, it is necessary that you provide your Pomeranian dog with a type of food that contains adequate nutrients of proteins and calories, but with a size that suits the characteristics of its small mouth.

Exercising a Pomeranian dog, what can and should you take into account?

The Pomeranian dog breed is considered to be delicate. If you get your puppy from a responsible breeder, we can assure you the health of your baby Pomeranian, but you must take into account that this breed has a certain predisposition to suffer from joint problems. However, you should not worry as long as you prevent your new friend from overexerting himself.

If your Pomeranian breed dog is still a puppy, avoid overwhelming him with intense exercise, as you could damage his joints. The best thing to do is to take him for short walks that will allow him to socialize and get to know his new environment. It is important that he is socialized from the time he is a puppy. If he does not develop this socialization, the Pomeranian dog breed can become fearful, barking and distrustful in adulthood.

If he is not yet vaccinated, take him in your arms and try not to put him in contact with other animals to avoid possible risks.

In the case of adult Pomeranian dogs, you will also have to take them for daily walks avoiding great efforts. In addition, it is advisable to play games at home with your dog to develop and stimulate its intelligence, such as food dispenser toys. Remember that toys and teethers should have a size suitable for the small jaw of the Pomeranian dog breed.

How to care for the coat of the Pomeranian dog breed?

As we have already told you, the Pomeranian dog breed is characterized by a lush coat made up of two layers.

The undercoat is denser and is made up of shorter, woolly hair. The outer coat, on the other hand, is long, smooth and silky. Thanks to these characteristics, caring for your Pomeranian dog’s coat will be very easy. But, be careful! if you want to preserve the health and beauty of its coat and make its fur stand out, it is advisable to brush it every day.

During the moulting period, it is almost obligatory to brush daily if you want to speed up the process and maintain hygiene in your home. Keep in mind that, as he sheds so much hair, your Pomeranian puppy will need you to help him maintain a stable body temperature. Therefore, if it is cold, keep him warm in dog clothing and try to avoid exposing him to intense cold or rain.

As the coat of the Pomeranian dog breed is composed of a double coat, you will need different, but complementary brushes:

– Peine or dog rake.

It is essential that you have a metal comb that will help you to untangle and undo the knots that can be made in his coat. Use it very carefully starting with the ends and little by little you can move towards the hairline. This way you will avoid breaking the hair and, above all, damaging it and making it reluctant to be combed again.

– String.

This type of brush has two sides. One side has long, fine bristles and the other side has soft bristles. You can also use butter brushes. Both brushes allow for gentle brushing to remove dirt and give you a soft, silky coat. If you want to know more details about the types of dog brushes, you can read our article to find out which one is the most suitable. If what you need is to perfect your dog brushing technique, we can also give you more information in our blog.

Has the idea of shaving your Pomeranian dog ever crossed your mind? If so, you’d better forget about it because its coat helps the Pomeranian dog breed to protect its skin and body from cold and heat. If he suffers a sunburn, it is possible to damage the hair follicles reducing the quality and quantity of hair that can grow back.

To avoid risks, when you want to clean up your dog’s coat and give him a nice haircut, go to a dog groomer.

It’s time for grooming, what should you keep in mind?

In addition to the care of his coat, you should also pay attention to other areas of his little body:

–  Ears.

Check and explore his ears with some frequency and if the dog shows any symptoms of discomfort, you should not delay in visiting the vet.

– Nails

As for nail trimming, this is another task you should pay attention to. Why? Well, because the Pomeranian dog breed is not used to wear out its nails by playing in the park. So, if you don’t check them and keep them at the right length, they can hurt you or cause some damage.

– Teeth

Don’t forget about their teeth hygiene! As with other toy dog breeds, the Pomeranian dog breed should start the daily teeth cleaning routine when the dog has reached approximately 7 months of age, which is when the dog will have replaced all of its milk teeth with permanent teeth. Keep in mind that in small dogs there is less space than in large dogs to accommodate their 42 permanent teeth. This leads to a predisposition to accumulate plaque and tartar between the teeth. Hence the importance of tooth brushing.


For a correct bath it is good to bathe once a week using quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your dog’s coat clean and moisturized. Remember that, before bathing your dog, you should brush his coat to undo the knots, since with a wet coat it will be more difficult and annoying. Finally, do not forget to thoroughly dry the coat and skin. In this way you will avoid any remaining humidity, which can favor the appearance of microorganisms.

Emotional needs, what character do Pomeranians have?

Now that you know what the Pomeranian dog breed looks like, all that remains is to choose the most suitable dog for you and your family. This is an ideal dog for homes with children, with whom it will play and protect. Don’t forget that the Pomeranian dog breed is very affectionate and will demand  your pampering, but without excess or overindulgence.

Caresses, affectionate words and positive reinforcement are the best way to cover his emotional needs to make sure he is a happy dog and able to make you happy too. And that’s all for today. If you liked this article, share and rate its content, you have up to 5 stars to let us know if you found this post interesting.

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And you, how do you take care of your dog? Do you have any doubt or advice you want to give us? Why do you like the Pomeranian dog breed? Here below you have your space to comment or ask anything you need. Don’t hesitate, be part of our community, we are here to help you.

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