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Pomeranian Breeder in Spain, What makes us different?


Are you looking for a Pomeranian puppy? If you are not sure which Pomeranian breeder in Spain is the most suitable to acquire your new friend, it is advisable that you opt for those who are dedicated to responsible breeding. In Las Almenas we have been crossing pedigree dogs for years to obtain Pomeranian puppies with excellent morphological characteristics and good character, but above all to ensure that you take home a healthy dog.

We are a Pomeranian breeder in Spain where we also breed six other toy or mini dog breeds and we know how to help you choose and select the best dog for you and your family. Because, if you have a family with children, the Pomeranian dog is especially playful and cuddly with the little ones.

If you want to know more details about this breed, we invite you to read our Pomeranian breed guide. And if you continue reading this post, we will reveal other curiosities about the breeding we do in our Pomeranian breeder in Spain.



Responsible breeding. Our difference as a Pomeranian breeder in Spain.

You may think that the breeding of a dog is the same in any Pomeranian breeder in Spain. But this is a big mistake. You may find on the Internet massive and indiscriminate sale of dogs by sellers who are far away from the work that we professional breeders do.

For us a dog is more than a dog. Behind each of our puppies there are sleepless nights, constant worry and 24 hours a day attention. They are our doggy family and, therefore, we are committed to the maximum with their upbringing, education, hygiene and health, and even with the selection of their owners.

As responsible breeders, we respect the animals, their breeding times, their needs and, above all, we watch over their happiness because at Las Almenas Pomeranian breeding is our way of life.

All this is what makes Las Almenas a unique and different Pomeranian breeder in Spain.


Why buy a Pomeranian puppy in a cattery?

There are many reasons why we recommend you to be sure about the type of Pomeranian breeder in Spain where you buy your Pomeranian puppy. By acquiring a dog from a specialized breeder, you can be sure of many important issues:

-Breed dog

If you want to know in advance how your dog will be physically and mentally, how it will behave as an adult and how it will adapt to your family without surprises or scares, the smartest thing to do is to acquire a pedigree breed dog whose genetics predispose it to a type of behavior.

-Very healthy

In legal and responsible breeders we raise our puppies with the best food and we deliver them with the vaccination and deworming required by law and even with more extra care. But, in addition, we check that it complies with the requirements of its pedigree and that it is a totally healthy dog.


We help our puppies to socialize so that they learn to live with their environment, with other animals, people, noises, smells… We develop all this through positive experiences so that they can live happily and calmly with their new family.


How is the reproduction of the Pomeranian in a responsible cattery?

Unlike any other Pomeranian cattery in Spain, in Las Almenas you can meet the parents of your new furry friend. When you visit us you will be able to verify that their parents are purebred and do not have any hereditary defect that could compromise the health of their puppies.

The recommended age for breeding in Pomeranian bitches is from the second heat, although it is best to wait until the third heat to ensure that the dog is fully developed and able to gestate and give birth naturally to her litter. In case of resorting to a cesarean section, it is not recommended to have more than two in her life, whose age limit would be 8 years old.

In the case of natural birth, it is advisable to allow one heat to pass before she becomes pregnant again, and in the case of cesarean section, we will wait two years.

With respect to the males, in our responsible cattery we also respect their age and their times that go from 1 to 10 years old. We also try that the male is the same size as the female so that it does not have puppies so big that they impede the natural birth.

From the moment of heat the female will be receptive to be covered between days 9 and 18. These dates are approximate, but the male will know when is the right time. However, to avoid the anxiety of the male, it is possible to perform a cytology that also helps to know when the delivery is going to occur with a very small margin of error.


Birth of the puppies in a Pomeranian cattery in Spain

The pregnancy of a Pomeranian lasts around 60 days and usually has between 1 and 3 puppies, although exceptionally it can reach 4 puppies. The puppies are really small. The average weight of each puppy is between 90 and 130 grams at birth.

If everything goes well, it is not necessary to have a veterinarian. Our team at Las Almenas is present during the birth, but we try to let nature take care of everything. We leave it up to the mother to open her pups’ pouch and cut the umbilical cord herself.

From the very moment of birth, in our Pomeranian breeder in Spain we inform the veterinarian of the birth of our puppies to perform an examination and start with the vaccination and deworming protocol.

A few minutes after the birth, the puppies begin to nurse. During their first 15 days they will not be separated from their mother, as they need her warmth and food. During this time we take care of keeping the area clean and the puppies’ muzzles clean so that they can suckle and breathe simultaneously without problems.

We also make sure that all the puppies are nursed equally. This is how we get very homogeneous litters. But, sometimes, due to different circumstances and problems, we breeders take care of feeding the puppies with formula milk in bottles every 3 hours, day and night.


Socialization of Pomeranian puppies

In our Pomeranian cattery in Spain we try that the weaning is natural and that the puppies stay with their mother until they are 14 or 16 weeks old. In this way we try to make sure that they will be balanced adults.

In Las Almenas we also take care of the socialization of our Pomeranian puppies. This is a fundamental attention, but you will not find it in any Pomeranian breeder in Spain.

In Las Almenas we raise our puppies in semi-freedom. In our facilities we have more than 7.000 m2 of nature and Asturian forest for our Pomeranian puppies to play and socialize among them and with other dogs of toy breeds that we also breed. In this way we are getting each puppy to understand that there are more types of dogs, animals, people, noises and environments. Thus, when he finally goes to his new home, he will be able to adapt more easily to the new environment and to his new family.

Selection of his new family

The responsible breeding that we develop in our Pomeranian breeder in Spain, also includes the selection of the new home for our puppies. We not only help you to choose the breed and the specimen that best suits your family and habits, but we also try to inform you about everything you need to give the puppy the best possible home.

When our puppies leave Las Almenas, we finish our breeding stage, but we increase our big dog family. We will continue to play another very important role as a Pomeranian breeder in Spain: to keep in touch with you, putting all our knowledge at your service to help you as much as possible for the good of what unites us, our Pomeranian puppy.

Las Almenas, your Pomeranian cattery in Spain

Now that you know how is the breeding work at Las Almenas, we invite you to meet us and ask us all your questions. Acquiring a new puppy is a big responsibility, that’s why we want to help you to make the right choice. After all, you are going to spend many years with your new friend and it is essential that you provide each other with mutual happiness.

Let us know your questions or experiences with Pomeranian puppies! You can leave your comments below or through our Facebook, Instagram profiles or on our Las Almenas YouTube channel.

And if you liked our article, don’t hesitate to rate us with 5 stars. As a Pomeranian breeder in Spain, we are very interested in knowing your opinion and that little by little we increase our knowledge with the experiences and advice of all those who are part of the Almenas Family. We are looking forward to reading you!

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