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Jealous dogs, 5 tips to solve this problem


Many times, people tend to attribute to our pets feelings or emotions that are typical of people. The same happens when we talk about jealous dogs. But is it true that dogs are jealous? Why does this feeling arise? How to deal with jealousy in a dog?

To answer all these questions and explain what are the symptoms of jealous dogs, from Las Almenas we have prepared this article in which, in addition, we give you 5 very effective tips to solve this problem.


Do dogs feel jealousy?

Although jealousy is a set of complex emotions that require certain cognitive abilities and reasoning, the truth is that it is also often attributed to dogs. That is why dogs can feel something very similar to what we call jealousy towards other individuals. It is about certain behavioral problems that jealous dogs feel when they see that their territory or their most important possession, which may be you, is in danger.

The arrival of a new member to the family, whether it is a baby, a person or a new pet, can generate jealousy derived from competition in the home, since it stops having the previous attention before the arrival of the new member to the family, which can lead to serious behavioral problems. The dog does not understand why he should share his love with another individual and this causes jealousy.

However, it is assumed that dogs do not feel jealousy for love, as is the case with people, but there are several types of jealousy:

  • Jealousy for attention.

As we say, jealous dogs want to attract attention when a stranger arrives home or a new member joins the family. Since jealous dogs perceive that less time is devoted to them, they feel insecure and annoyed with their new rival. That is why they will try to get their owners’ attention any way they can.

  • Sexual jealousy.

This is the disputes between dogs to get sexual relations with the female. Obviously this is due to their own instinct that tries to perpetuate their genes.

As you can see, it is convenient to know how to detect and correct certain circumstances to prevent jealous dogs from being a problem at home. And we already tell you that the dog’s education plays a fundamental role.



Symptoms of jealousy in dogs

If you see that your dog changes his mood and character before the arrival of a member he is jealous of, growls at him when he approaches and you see that he is down, it is very possible that he is jealous.

However, jealous dogs can have many other symptoms that will alert you to the problem:

  • He barks, growls and bares his teeth when the member (person or animal) they are jealous of approaches.
  • He urinates at home to get your attention and mark his territory.
  • He does not want to be separated from you.
  • He destroys toys, his bed or any other object to get your attention.
  • Attempts to interrupt your interaction with the individual they are jealous of.
  • He hides and isolates himself alone.
  • Whining and sadness for no apparent reason.
  • May attack or push the member he is jealous of.
  • He shows his usual character when his rival is not present.


What situations cause jealousy in dogs

If your dog wants to call your attention so that you play with him, feed him, take him for a walk, etc., it is totally normal. But if you see that the call for attention has become more aggressive, you should stop and think about the changes that have taken place in his life:


  • The arrival of new pets at home.

If a new dog arrives home that is given more attention and cuddles, that’s more than enough reason for your dog to feel jealous. Jealous dogs will try their best to regain your attention before the arrival of their rival.


  • Pregnancy of the owner

Faced with the changes in habits and routine that many pregnant women experience, the dog may feel ignored and that is why it tries to get the pregnant woman’s attention in different ways.

In these cases, it is important to prepare the dog for the arrival of the baby at home. But try never to change his habits suddenly.



  • The birth of a baby

When a baby comes home, schedules change, the spaces in the house change and obviously require a lot of attention. All this is to the detriment of the dog who feels relegated to the arrival of his rival. That is why it is necessary to introduce the dog and the baby correctly in order to avoid jealousy through positive reinforcement following the appropriate guidelines.


  • The presence of new people in the house.

Do you have a new partner and does he/she come home a lot? Well, this is another reason why jealous dogs can become quite aggressive.

In addition to these specific circumstances, some dogs are more prone to jealousy than others. Generally speaking, it is understood that small breed dogs tend to be possessive and territorial. Large dogs, on the other hand, tend to be more social and open.

However, whatever the breed of your dog, education is a key point in all of them to avoid bad behaviors of jealous dogs.


How to avoid jealousy in dogs

To prevent jealousy before the arrival of a new member to the family, from Las Almenas we propose you to carry out these essential advices. This way you will get your dog to behave in a more sociable and friendly way.

1.Do not treat your dog like a baby.

This is something very common, especially with small breed dogs that owners often take in their arms and allow them certain behaviors that are not appropriate.


2.Set rules.

Don’t let your dog get away with whatever he wants. It is necessary to set limits and learn basic obedience commands.


3.Positive reinforcement.

Do not punish your dog when he does things wrong. The best thing to do is to reward him when he does things right.


4.Treat him if necessary.

If your dog does something wrong, let him know. Treat him at the moment so he understands why you are angry.


5 tips for dealing with jealous dogs

Has a new individual arrived home and your dog was not amused? Then it’s time to put these tips for jealous dogs into action:


1-Present the new family member in a friendly way.

Whether it’s another dog or a baby or person, try to let your dog approach and sniff the new member.

In the case of another dog, don’t leave them alone for the first few days, but allow them to interact and establish their hierarchy.

Introduction is something you should also do when a baby arrives. Introduce them carefully under your supervision and let them smell it. What’s more, even before the baby is born, let him/her see and smell the baby’s belongings and objects.


2- Don’t stop paying attention to the dog

Jealous dogs want to regain lost attention, so the best thing to do is to prevent them from losing it.

In the case of having another dog as a “rival”, try to pet them and devote equal time to them.

Obviously, this is not the case with the arrival of a baby or another person at home. In these cases, to prevent them from becoming jealous dogs, they must understand the new hierarchy at home and get used to it little by little. But, even if you do not have so much time, you still have to reserve some time to play with him and pay quality attention to your old friend.

3-Increase the doses of affection for jealous dogs.

When jealous dogs approach or are close to the new individual, you should try to give them more cuddles. In this way, jealous dogs will relate the presence of the baby, person or other pet, as something positive, as a moment of more attention and affection.


4-Maintain authority

Just because you are jealous, you should not let the dog do whatever he wants. You have to make him understand and respect the rules and hierarchy, always avoiding punishments, but scolding when necessary. The reprimand before an attack of jealousy must come from the person that the animal considers of his possession.


5-Reinforce their behavior in a positive way.

When jealous dogs behave well, they should be rewarded, even more so if they are in the presence of the other member they are jealous of. When he is calm in the presence of his “rival” you can give him a treat. This will be a good starting point.



First of all, be very calm

If you have the impression that your dog is behaving in a worrying way, you may feel that the situation is beyond you. But remember that you are not the first or only person to face a training and education problem. Take it easy and you’ll reduce your stress and that of the jealous dog. Obviously he doesn’t understand all your words, but he is a great expert at recognizing tones and facial expressions. Give him a little of your time and I’m sure the situation will improve.

And you, do you know how to deal with jealous dogs? Have you been in a similar situation? Tell us if you managed to improve your dog’s behavior. Share your experience, so the whole Almenas family can improve and prevent the suffering of jealous dogs.

Remember that education and socialization is essential to prevent jealous dogs. That is why in Las Almenas we take care of it from the first weeks of life of our puppies. You can send us your questions about jealous dogs through our profiles on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel or leave us your comments below this article. See you next time!


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