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How is the breeding in a Yorkshire mini cattery?


If you are thinking about acquiring a Yorkshire or another breed of mini or toy dog, you may wonder how is the breeding of this beautiful animal. In Las Almenas, as a Yorkshire mini cattery, we develop a responsible breeding, at the same time that we assure you its pedigree and, above all, that you are going to take home a healthy dog.

The Yorkshire Terrier is the most popular mini dog breed of all. This is partly due to its adorable appearance, even more so when they are puppies, but also because it is a dog that stands out for being intelligent, funny, playful and very attentive, as a good hunter.

You can learn more details about the physical characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier in our complete guide about this breed. But if you continue reading this article we are going to reveal many curiosities about the breeding and the work we develop in our Yorkshire mini kennel.


Responsible breeding, the basis of our Yorkshire cattery

The Yorkshire breeders who develop a responsible breeding have a real passion for our puppies and we take care of their health since before they are born. We are responsible for their care, hygiene, feeding and education, that is why we know the particularities of each of our puppies.

But, above all, we respect the animals, their times, their needs and we pursue their happiness. In Las Almenas, breeding a Yorkshire is more than a job, it is our way of life focused on the welfare of our animals.


Yorkshire breeding in a responsible cattery

In a Yorkshire kennel you can know for sure which are the parents of each of the puppies. These must be purebred dogs, with healthy character and perfect health. Neither the mother nor the father can have any hereditary defect that could threaten the appearance and functionality of their puppies.

Yorkshire bitches must be older than 12 months for breeding. Before that time it is not considered appropriate, since the Yorkie may not yet have finished developing, although the first heat usually occurs between six and eight months of life. Until they are 9 years old, Yorkshire bitches are suitable for breeding.

As for the males, in the Yorkshire cattery we also respect the ages of the specimens that go from 12 months to 10 years old.

Another aspect to take into account in a Yorkshire cattery is that it is considered necessary that the female reaches at least 2 kilos of weight for breeding, since pregnancy with less weight could be dangerous, due to the size of the offspring. When a female of small, mini or toy breed becomes pregnant, it is necessary to take great care of her at all times.


The heat of a Yorkshire

The age of maximum fertility is around three years of age, that is why it is advisable to wait until the third heat to mate a Yorkshire bitch.

At the beginning of the heat, the bitch begins to spot blood and the vulva begins to swell. This period, which lasts about 9 days, is called “proestrus”. During this stage, the males are attracted to the bitch’s pheromones, but the bitch does not accept mating.

Then comes the period called “estrus”, when the bitch does accept the male’s mating. This stage lasts between five and fourteen days. It is then when the best time for mating is from the tenth day after the bitch starts bleeding.

It is not advisable for bitches to have more than one litter per year. And in the case that the cycles are shorter, at least eight months should pass from the birth to the next mating. In the case that she covers during two consecutive heats, she should rest for one year.


How is the pregnancy of a Yorkshire

The pregnancy of a Yorkshire lasts between 58 and 63 days and the number of puppies depends on weight, age, and whether they are first-time or not. Females that have a mini or small size and are fertilized in their second or third heat usually have an average of two or three puppies, while in more advanced ages they can have up to six puppies in each delivery.

As we have already mentioned, the Yorkshires are in some danger with pregnancies, especially if we talk about a mini or toy yorkshire, due to its small size.  That is why they need special care throughout the pregnancy.

To detect if the dog is pregnant, we can be attentive to certain symptoms:

  • The dog becomes lazier and appears calmer.
  • As is typical, the belly grows and becomes firmer and tighter.
  • Her nipples also increase in size.
  • The bitch will want to prepare her home for the arrival of her puppies.
  • She becomes cleaner, she licks herself more.

In a Yorkshire kennel the staff can take care of the whelping. However, it is advisable to have a veterinarian present at the time of delivery, as a caesarean section may be necessary for certain complications.

Thus, if an hour after the water has broken and no puppy has been born, the veterinarian should check if there is something wrong, such as if the puppy is not well positioned or if it is larger than expected.


Birth of puppies in a Yorkshire mini cattery

If everything goes well and it is not necessary to count on the veterinarian, we can let nature take care of everything. Under normal conditions, it is the mother who is in charge of opening the bag for her puppies, and even cutting the umbilical cord herself.

Quickly, the puppies will start to suckle. The Yorkshire breeders try to keep the area clean, as well as the puppies’ muzzle so that they can breathe properly.

The mother should also eat after the birth to replenish her strength. In the Yorkshire kennel we try to always have water and that the area is clean and comfortable so that the puppies can suckle calmly.

In case of any complication, the Yorkshire breeders take care of giving bottles every 3 hours and provide the best conditions for the mother and her puppies.

When the puppies are weaned, we take care not only of hygiene, feeding and veterinary care, but also of something very important for the dogs: their education and socialization.


Advantages of acquiring a dog from a Yorkshire kennel

If you want to enlarge your family and buy a Yorkshire, the most advisable is to get your puppy in a Yorkshire kennel specialized in this breed. Why? For many reasons.


1-You make sure it is a purebred dog.

Obviously all dogs, purebred or not, deserve a home. But if you want to know beforehand how your dog is going to be, how he will behave and how he will adapt to your family, the best thing to do is to acquire a purebred dog whose genetics already predispose him to a certain type of behavior.

If you adopt a dog without pedigree or you think you are acquiring a Yorkshire without any kind of control or guarantee, you will have to assume the risk of not knowing what kind of animal you are taking home. Unfortunately, there are many scams that lead to problems of all kinds. Therefore, keep this in mind, as your puppy will live with you and your family for many years.


2-You are taking home a healthy dog.

Our puppies born in a Yorkshire kennel receive high quality food, vaccination, deworming, hygiene, education and lots of cuddles!

Until they are at least three months old, we do not release them to their new family. We understand that Yorkshire puppies have to be with their mother and siblings until that time. Also, we have to wait until they are weaned to start vaccinations, so only when we have been able to check their behavior and verify that they are a healthy dog, you can take them home.


3-You want a sociable dog

Socializing a Yorkshire puppy is the best way to ensure that the dog will grow up in a balanced way, without fears, traumas and behavioral problems.

For this reason, every Yorkshire kennel that carries out a responsible breeding, has to facilitate the socialization of the puppies.

Usually, between 3 and 12 weeks of life, is the time when puppies learn to coexist and socialize with their environment, with other animals, people, noises… This stage is very important for dogs and that is why they must be exposed to stimuli and positive experiences. This way, they will feel more comfortable in different situations without being fearful or distrustful.

As you can see, the socialization that takes place in a Yorkshire kennel not only predisposes the dog to live a calmer and happier life, but also helps the family to enjoy their new furry friend.


4-We analyze which is the most suitable dog for you

As a Yorkshire kennel, in Las Almenas we know all our puppies. We have seen them born, we have taken care of them and we know how they behave. That is why we can advise all those families who call us for information or to acquire a mini Yorkshire or any of the other six toy dog breeds we breed.

Depending on what the family is like, their home, their lifestyle, we can recommend the most suitable breed and puppy so that you can be sure that the dog will fit in perfectly with your family.


For us it is also fundamental to choose the best home for our puppies. That is why we keep in touch with each family that is part of our community of Las Almenas, in order to solve doubts and guide you in everything you need, since the breeding continues beyond the Yorkshire kennel.

If you are looking for a Yorkshire as a new life companion, ask us your questions. You can leave your comments below or contact us. If you want more information about the breeding and the work we develop in our Yorkshire cattery, you can follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel Las Almenas.

Don’t forget to leave your rating in the form of stars here below. For us it is very important to know your opinion about our articles to continue offering you information that interests and helps you.

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