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Healthy and happy dogs, how can you achieve it?


All of us who have pets and love them as part of our families are concerned about their health and happiness. The formula to get healthy and happy dogs is not complicated at all. It is enough to cover their basic needs and give them lots of love.

It is not about giving the dog everything and pampering him to the maximum, but to look after his welfare to make him a healthy, happy and balanced dog.

As we know how much you care about your furry friend, from Las Almenas we want to give you 10 tips that we put into practice in our breeder to get puppies that in the future will be healthy and happy dogs.


What does it take to get healthy and happy dogs?

The truth is that dogs need very few things to be happy and lead a healthy life. In addition to all the love you can give him, you will only have to provide him with a small corner where he can sleep, quality food and a walk to exercise and do his needs. With these simple attentions, your dog is already happy. In return, he will give you back that love and affection because, as you know, dogs are very grateful.

If you are wondering how to make a dog happy and get him to adore you, here we give you a series of essential tips that we develop daily in our toy dog breeder in Las Almenas:



Although your dog loves to roll around in the grass or sand, there is no doubt that he likes to feel clean. Since hygiene is a priority, don’t forget to brush him regularly to eliminate knots and get a nice and healthy coat, free of parasites.

If you want to know more tips on brushing, you can read our article “10 tips for brushing your dog’s coat“.

When it comes to hygiene, don’t forget how important it is to clean your dog’s ears, bathe him, clip his nails, maintain a correct oral hygiene, etc. All of this contributes to healthy and happy dogs.


2-Balanced and quality food

The feeling of hunger is something that angers both animals and people. So food is a fundamental point to achieve healthy and happy dogs.

But, although dogs are capable of eating anything or leftovers, this is not good for their health. The best thing to do is to have a good routine in terms of feeding schedules and also make sure that the food is appropriate to their age and size. If you do not know which food is the most suitable, we invite you to read our article “Dog food or homemade food, which is better?


3-A lot of play

What dog doesn’t like to play? It is obvious that play, especially in puppies, is an essential routine. Besides being a way to have fun, play helps burn off all the accumulated tension, stimulates his intelligence and is a time he will share with you. What more could you ask for!

Don’t know which toy is the most suitable for your dog? Don’t worry, because you can learn about the types and characteristics in our article “Toys for dogs Which is the best option?”



To get healthy and happy dogs it is also necessary that they are sociable animals, and this is something that we favor in Las Almenas to all our puppies from the first weeks of life.

Normally, puppies that are properly socialized grow up to be calmer and more balanced dogs. This allows them to feel more comfortable in a variety of situations and environments than dogs that have not been properly socialized.

Keep in mind that dogs that have grown up with deficiencies in their socialization tend to be more distrustful and to feel more fearful, and possibly more aggressive, towards strangers, other dogs or even noises such as firecrackers or thunderstorms.

In short, dogs that have been properly socialized have a much better quality of life. This is because their daily life is calmer and more peaceful compared to dogs that are constantly under stress due to their environment: traffic, people, other animals, noises, etc.


5-Daily exercise

When he looks at you with those little eyes to claim your attention and sees you take the leash and the house keys, suddenly your furry friend’s enthusiasm multiplies because he knows it’s time for a walk. And walking is something that makes him happy right away, isn’t it?

Walking and exercise outings are fundamental to achieve healthy and happy dogs, since it serves to eliminate stress, do their needs, socialize with other dogs, people, noises and environments, stimulate their intelligence and keep the dog agile and with a healthy weight.

If you don’t take your dog for a daily walk, you will be preventing him from performing all these essential and valuable functions for his physical and emotional health. So go for a walk!


6-Veterinary care

Despite feeding, hygiene and other care, if you really want your dog to be healthy and live happily for many years, you will have to provide veterinary care. Routine check-ups and vaccinations will help you detect any abnormalities and prevent many diseases, which is essential for healthy and happy dogs!


7-Positive training

Canine education is essential for the welfare of the dog and the coexistence of the whole family. It is about implementing a series of basic rules that the dog must follow in the house: where he can or cannot be, what he can or cannot pick up, how to behave at home, in the street, with visitors, etc.

Act with positive reinforcements, that is to say, avoid punishments and reward when he does things well. This way the dog will be able to understand the commands much better and understand what you expect him to do.

Although at the beginning it may be a little difficult, the truth is that routines and rules work, and even more so if you accompany them with caresses, good words and rewards. As you can see, positive education is also an essential piece to achieve healthy and happy dogs.



If you want to achieve a balanced coexistence, you will have to try to understand your dog. Sometimes poor communication between dog and man can lead to unwanted behaviors. As we already explained in our article “Dog language. 10 gestures you need to understand” there are a number of gestures you can try to understand in terms of their reactions and intentions.

If you want to learn about the expressiveness of your dog’s emotions, you just have to pay attention to him and observe him, especially when he is with other dogs. This will give you a lot of information and will improve the communication between you both. Your dog will feel better understood and calmer, which directly affects his emotional health.


9-Innovate every day

To amuse and help your dog to be happy, you will have to look for and innovate plans, games and new forms of entertainment. Are you lacking ideas? Here are a few: go for a walk with your dog, change the location of your walks, teach your dog some fun tricks, play hide-and-seek or wrestle with a teether, take him swimming, teach him relaxation exercises, put a pool at home or play with the hose on hot days, etc.


10-Love, lots of love

Demonstrations of affection and affection are essential for people and animals. Don’t be shy and show him how much you love him. This will improve your relationship and strengthen your bond. This way your dog will be happy, and so will you!


And you, do you know how to make your dog happy?

What makes your dog happy? Surely you already know the importance of these 10 tips for healthy and happy dogs. If you want to add any more, you can leave us your comment in the drawer below the article or, if you prefer, you can share it on our Facebook and Instagram profiles and YouTube channel.

And if you are looking for a sociable and healthy dog, in Las Almenas you will find it because we take care and educate our puppies of toy or mini dog breeds following a responsible breeding with the aim of getting healthy and happy dogs, as well as sociable and balanced for the rest of their lives.

From Las Almenas we want to give you a last and important advice: dedicate time to your dog. Time to play, to educate and to caress him. It is the best way to have a happy and calm coexistence, for him and for the whole family.

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