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General characteristics of the toy poodle in Spain


The toy poodle in Spain, or also known as toy poodle, is the smallest variety of this breed that exists. Its small size, its curly hair and the tender expression of its eyes have turned the toy poodle in Spain into one of the favorite pets.

But in addition to its physical general characteristics of the toy poodle in Spain which we will detail in this article, the toy poodle is also popular for its fidelity, good behavior and intelligence, in fact, it is considered one of the most intelligent breeds in the world.

If you want to know how to identify a toy poodle in Spain, pay attention to the most notable characteristics that make this breed unmistakable!


Size of the toy poodle in Spain

The poodle toy or toy poodle is one of the four types of poodles that exist, which are classified precisely by size, with the standard, medium, dwarf and toy poodle. Physically, the toy poodle is tiny, almost toy size, hence its name.

The toy poodle dog in Spain can measure between 28 and 24 cm, being the most common to measure about 25 cm at the withers. Yes, at the withers. To measure the height of your poodle dog you have to measure it at the withers. That is, from the ground to the highest part of the shoulder blade, behind the base of the neck. We must remember that the height of dogs is measured at their shoulders, and the neck and head are not taken into account.

If it exceeds 28 cm it is considered that the poodle is not a toy, but a medium-sized one, so the height will help you determine what type of poodle it is.

It will also help you to check if the dog is a pure poodle, if the withers measurement coincides with the measurement from the chest or sternum to the rump (upper back, just before the tail). This dorsal line should be parallel to the ground.



How is the head of the toy poodle in Spain?

Undoubtedly, the poodle’s anatomy is very characteristic and unmistakable. Its head has a very distinguished carriage with very straight lines and in proportion to the rest of the body.

  • The skull of the toy poodle has an oval shape when viewed from above, with a marked depression between the muzzle and the head.
  • The muzzle is straight at the top and long, with a chisel under the eyes. At the end of the muzzle you will find a marked truffle with wide open windows. It is black in black, white and gray dogs, and brown in brown dogs. In orange (apricot) or reddish fawn colored dogs, the truffle is brown or black. Precisely, in Las Almenas we breed this type of puppies so particular. If you want to know more characteristics of the red poodle, do not miss our article “Red toy poodle, a very special dog” (
  • The eyes of the poodle are oval shaped, dark and separated. They are black or dark brown, although in brown specimens they can be dark amber.
  • The ears hang at the same height as the eyes or slightly below. They are flat and rounded at the tip and are covered with long wavy hairs.

General characteristics of the toy poodle in Spain: an elegant body

If there is one thing that makes the toy poodle stand out in Spain, it is its elegance in carrying its head well raised and with a distinguished bearing. In part, this is due to its solid and slightly arched neck and its well-proportioned body with a short, muscular and firm back.

The tail rises quite high, at the level of the margin of the back. When at rest, the tail is drooping, but when active, it rises obliquely.

Its limbs are also very well proportioned with the rest of the body. You will notice that the front legs are straight and muscular and parallel. His feet are obviously very small, but very firm and with arched toes and close together.

The hind legs are also parallel, if you look behind. This configuration of its body is what makes the toy poodle in Spain move through small, fast and light jumps.

As for the poodle’s nails, these are of a color in keeping with its coat. Thus, in the case of black or gray dogs, the nails are black. However, in brown, red or apricot colored dogs, the nails can be black or brown.



The poodle toy’s coat

Another peculiarity of the poodle toy in Spain is its coat. It is abundant, curly and thick. In puppies the coat is much softer than in adults.

Purebred poodles have two layers of fur made up of two different types of hair. In the outer coat, you will see that the coat is curly, thick and wavy, while in the undercoat, the hair is softer.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the hair of the toy poodle in Spain is constantly growing and, in addition, it does not shed. Therefore, it will not leave your house with a lot of hair, but you will have to cut it frequently, every two months, for your dog’s comfort.

With so much hair, you will have to comb it daily if you want it to look perfect. If you need to know how to comb and what tools to use, we invite you to read our article “10 Tips for brushing your dog’s coat“.

As for the coat colors of the toy poodle in Spain, here you will find a great variety: white, black, gray, silver, brown, apricot, red and creams. Whatever the color of the coat, you will see that it is always uniform and of a single color.


How much does the toy poodle weigh

The toy poodle is a very small dog, so its weight is also light. When you get a puppy, you will see that its weight is about 1.5 kilos. At the age of 3 months it may have already reached 2.5 kg, reaching 4.5 kg in adulthood.


Why choose a toy poodle

Are you thinking of buying a toy poodle in Spain? Well, we are sure that with this choice you will be right because there are many reasons why you should choose to share your life with a toy poodle:

  • They are affectionate and affectionate. They are not aggressive at all, so they are ideal to live together as a family.
  • They are very loyal dogs, which makes them an excellent companion for senior citizens.
  • If there are allergy problems at home, the toy poodle is an excellent pet because it does not shed its hair or release bad odors.
  • Because they are so small and weigh so little, they can be easily moved to different places. So, if you like to travel, even by plane, this breed is for you.
  • It is not a dog with excessive expenses. It is true that you have to provide him with good food, as well as veterinary attention (vaccines, deworming, etc.), hairdresser from time to time,… but in general, being small, he consumes little and you can have him in any house, no matter how small it is.
  • You can change its look as many times as you want. Thanks to its abundant hair, you will be able to give him different cuts and hairstyles, as well as use the most varied and fun accessories.

It is a long-lived dog. So, if you are looking for the best company for a long time, the toy poodle can accompany you up to 18 years. To do this, you will have to take good care of it, providing it with good food and routine walks, and above all, pamper it a lot.


Where to buy a toy poodle in Spain

Acquiring a toy poodle in Spain with pedigree is a great guarantee. On the one hand, you can be sure that it is a pure breed and, on the other hand, you have the certainty that it is a healthy dog. That is why, in our toy poodle breeder in Spain, Las Almenas, we can assure you, with documents, who are the parents of the puppy you are taking home. You will be able to verify that they are healthy animals that have not transmitted any hereditary disease to their puppies.

These documents will also help you to know the size and height of their parents, so you can be sure that you are taking home a toy poodle and not another size.

In addition, you can walk around our facilities and the 7,000 m2 of outdoor land where we carry out the responsible breeding of the toy poodle, as well as 6 other breeds of mini dogs that we raise in semi-freedom and with proper socialization to be balanced dogs without fear.

Before buying a dog, make sure you buy it in professional breeders because nowadays it is very easy to find fake dog ads on the Internet that can be a scam and a real problem if you get a sick dog that you will have to pay for the appropriate veterinary care.


If you have any questions about the general and behavioral characteristics of the toy poodle in Spain, ask us! In Las Almenas we are happy to help you choose the best dog for you and we invite you to follow all our tips and news through our profiles on Facebook, Instagram and the Las Almenas YouTube channel. And if you want to ask us something, here below you have space to send us your questions, we look forward to reading your comments and experiences, if you already have a toy poodle at home!


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