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Dog friendly hotel in Asturias


There are places where you can’t travel with your dog. You don’t know where to leave your best friend? Are you looking for a place where your dog will be well cared for, fed, with a correct hygiene and with activities that will keep him exercised? If you want your pet to enjoy a good vacation while you do the same, we offer you the possibility to stay at Las Almenas, our dog friendly hotel in Asturias.


Hotel for dogs or doggy daycare?

We know that getting away from your furry friend is not always easy. In the day to day, you have to fit schedules, work obligations, childcare … and at the end of the day you regret because you do not have time or desire to go for a walk with the dog.

In these cases, you can choose to leave your dog in dog daycare centers or in the hands of professional dog sitters who can help you take care of your dog during the hours you are away from home. The rest of the day and night, the dog spends the rest of the day and night with you at home.

But the problem increases even more when we travel. Dogs are not always allowed at our destination, sometimes we are put off by the economic costs and complications in transportation or accommodation.

For these cases, there are hotels or kennels for dogs. That is why if, for example, you come to Asturias and the place of accommodation does not allow dogs or you are going to be all day from here to there and you do not want your dog to get dizzy in each displacement, you can leave it in our hotel for dogs in Asturias. It is also the ideal place for those people who live in the area and want to travel leaving their dog as well cared as at home, avoiding trips and displacements.



What should you take into account when choosing a dog hotel?

We understand that leaving your dog behind can make you feel guilty and that is why you are looking for an option that, in your absence, guarantees your pet similar or even better conditions and quality of life than at home. But how to choose the right option? How can we stay calm while we are away from our best friend?

In our hotel for dogs in Asturias we have gathered a series of characteristics that you should keep in mind when evaluating which is the best dog hotel:

1-Ample facilities

Whether your dog lives in a small apartment or in a house with a garden, he will feel very comfortable if he has a large area to run, exercise and enjoy a new destination.

That is why, in our hotel for dogs in Asturias, we have large green areas of 7,000 square meters surrounded by nature and forest where your dog can play with other furry dogs of the same size, under the supervision of qualified staff.


2-Single rooms

Your dog does not have to be caged, as it could be in a shelter or in other types of kennels. In our dog hotel in Asturias, your dog will have its own individual room in which to walk freely and with an area where it can eat in peace.

If you come with two dogs and you want them to be together, the hotel you choose must offer the possibility of sharing a room.

You should also pay attention to other details that the rooms may have. For example, that the bed is cozy or that it has a television. It is true that dogs do not watch TV, but by listening to the noise, your dog will feel at home, lowering its stress level.



Another important point of the room and facilities is the air conditioning. Dog hotels in very hot places must have air conditioning or climate control. And in cool places, as it happens in our dog hotel in Asturias, it is necessary to have heating to make the stay comfortable outside the summer months.


4-Hygiene and hairdressing services

It is essential that the hotel you choose guarantees bathing and ear cleaning, as well as nail trimming during the stay. It is also possible that they offer you a grooming service so that, when you take him home, your dog will be perfect!

5-Personalized food

Many dog hotels, when hosting many animals at the same time, cannot offer personalized feeding, but feed them all the same food. If your dog has any special dietary needs, this is a huge inconvenience.

To avoid problems due to a change in your dog’s diet, it is best that the food is not standard but personalized. It is convenient that the dog hotel allows you to bring your own food to avoid risks and that they follow the dietary guidelines that you tell them.

In Las Almenas we try to reduce the dog’s stress as much as possible. In this way, with their regular food, we avoid gastroenteritis, diarrhea or that your dog may stop eating.


6-Veterinary service

Make sure that the dog hotel you choose has veterinary service 24 hours a day. You never know when an emergency may occur and you should leave your dog in the best possible hands. In the case of our dog hotel in Asturias, we have 24 hour veterinary service for emergencies. And if your dog is undergoing any kind of medical treatment, we will take care of administering the medication.


7-Fluid communication

You must make sure that there is a fluid communication with the dog hotel so that they send you photos, videos and tell you how he is doing.

In some pet hotels, they have sophisticated webcams with which you can see your dog at any time from your cell phone or computer.


8-Accompaniment 24 hours a day

Surely you don’t want your dog to feel abandoned, right? So, when you choose a dog hotel in Asturias, or wherever you want, make sure that the staff is qualified, is attentive to the dogs and give them lots of cuddles and snuggles.

It is important to associate the stay with a positive experience, avoiding any kind of separation stress. This is where personalized care can reduce any stress on the animal.




Check that the kennel has liability insurance and complies with a series of regulations. These establishments must comply with town planning regulations, have a zoological nucleus license, in addition to having the facilities perfectly conditioned and prepared to house a large number of dogs of all sizes, breeds and characteristics.


10-The more requirements, the better

It is essential that before leaving your pet in a hotel for dogs, they require that all vaccinations and deworming required by law are up to date. The more requirements you ask for, the more certain you will be that your dog will be in a safe environment and free of any disease transmitted by another dog.

Generally, it is necessary to have:

  • Flea and tick pipette at least 3 days before admission.
  • Internal deworming performed, with veterinarian certification that it is free of parasites.


Benefits of staying with your dog in a dog hotel

Although it is often fun to travel with your dog, other times it can be a real headache. Besides saving stress for you and your family, and for the dog, staying in our dog hotel in Asturias will also help to:

-Improve socialization.

You know how beneficial it is for your dog’s education to be in contact with other dogs. Socialization allows your pet to learn to relate to other dogs and people, while losing fear and getting rid of the overprotection you may be giving him.

-Get away from noise and stress.

The experience in our dog hotel in Asturias is very positive especially for city dogs used to the stress produced by traffic noise and urban centers, in addition to the rush that we also transfer to our furry friends.

Staying in a dog friendly hotel in Asturias

Now that you know what are the essential characteristics that a dog hotel should meet, you just have to discover Las Almenas. Our hotel for dogs in Asturias is also a breeder for mini or toy breeds where your dog will feel at home.

If this vacations you need a dog hotel in Asturias, contact us and solve all your doubts. We will be happy to tell you everything that Las Almenas offers you and tell us what your dog is like, what qualities and needs it has.

You can also leave us your questions and comments below or on our Facebook and Instagram profiles or on our YouTube channel. You deserve the best vacations and so does your dog!

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