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Complete Poodle kennel guide!


It is one of the most famous dog breeds, a regular in beauty contests and possesses an extraordinary intelligence and learning ability.  Yes, we are talking about the poodle! Surely you already know many qualities of this breed, but today we are going to discover them all! in the complete guide that we have prepared from Las Almenas, your poodle kennel in Asturias.


What is the origin of the poodle breed?

The poodle is one of the oldest dog breeds we know. Already in the Middle Ages, the poodle was used as a hunting dog for waterfowl, such as ducks or geese. Later, in the 16th century, the poodle became famous for its beauty and intelligence and was highly valued among French royalty and high aristocracy.

Being a breed with a good aptitude for learning and a great capacity for training, it began to be used in circuses, where its breeders got the poodle to perform acrobatics and pirouettes that delighted the public. It was then when the breed became popular for its beauty among the high society from the XVI century, becoming an exclusive animal of the court, which was even adorned with jewels.

It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that we began to know of the existence of a poodle kennel. From this selective breeding, large, small and dwarf poodles emerged until, finally, they became companion dogs very much appreciated by families.


General characteristics of the poodle breed

In a poodle kennel you can find four varieties of this breed. From the smallest version, which is the toy poodle, to the largest, which can measure up to 55 cm.

One of the most outstanding characteristics is its curly and woolly hair, which is normally black or white, although you will also see brown, gray or apricot shades.

Generally speaking, it has a distinguished appearance with a tall, erect head and an elongated neck that gives it an elegant appearance. Its muzzle is quite pronounced, the ears are long and pendulous and it has a prominent jaw.

They have a well-proportioned body and a long tail, although it is usually docked when they are puppies.

The weight of the poodle breed depends on the variety, here we detail it one by one:


Toy Poodle

Las Almenas is a toy poodle kennel and we know perfectly this type of breed and variety, which is precisely one of the longest-lived. The toy poodle can live up to 18 years and is considered a robust animal, despite its small size (about 28 cm withers) and its weight, which does not exceed 4.5 kg.

In our toy poodle kennel, we recommend this breed for those people who live in a small apartment and who are “first timers” in dog breeding, as they are easy to educate.


Dwarf Poodle

It is a little bigger than the toy poodle. In this case, its weight can reach 7 kg and its size is about 35 cm at the withers.

Medium poodle

This variety usually weighs around 13 kg and measures between 35 and 45 cm. Like the other varieties, this is a very affectionate and sociable dog that enjoys the company of children and the elderly.


Giant Poodle

This is the largest variety you can find in a poodle kennel and, at the same time, one of the most elegant breeds. In this case the weight can vary between 20 and 30 kilos, reaching up to 55 cms at the withers. Besides being a very affectionate and cheerful dog, it is also a good guardian, although it is not aggressive.


How does the Poodle behave?

Well, besides being very intelligent, which we have already mentioned, the poodle has an excellent memory, is very active and also disciplined. For all these reasons, the poodle is quite easily taught.

In our poodle kennel in Las Almenas we start his sociability and training from his first weeks and we can guarantee that it is not complicated at all. You will see that he is a dog that learns very fast and can even remember the names of his toys, and bring them to you if you ask him to.

But, in addition, the poodle has many other qualities that make it unique and very appreciated. We are referring to the fact that they are very affectionate and loyal to their master. So, if you decide to buy a poodle, it will be a true friend for many years.

You will understand that with so many good qualities, the poodle is also a breed used for other areas different from the domestic one. Thus, you will see that it is an excellent guide dog, a rescue dog and even useful for therapy, since it is very friendly, calm, accepts physical contact with strangers and is not aggressive at all.


How to take care of a Poodle

If you are considering buying a toy poodle puppy, it is important that you take into account a series of basic cares.

-Daily grooming

You already know that the aesthetics of the poodle is the hallmark of this breed. One of their star hairstyles is the so-called “lion cut” which consists of shearing the back part up to the ribs and the extremities. The cuffs are left intact and a pompom is left at the end of the tail.

To maintain this or other cuts, you will need to comb it daily. Keep in mind that curly coats are very prone to knots. If you want to know what type of comb to use, you can read our article Brush for dogs, which one is the most suitable? ( )


Pay special attention to their eyes and ears. Having such a narrow ear canal, the poodle is predisposed to have otitis. As for their eyes, progressive degeneration of the retina is one of the aspects to watch out for in this breed in order to detect it in time.


Do not skimp on providing your poodle with adequate and quality food. This is the basis of their health and longevity. As a poodle kennel, we recommend that this balanced diet should have 80% meat and 20% vegetables and cereals. In this way you provide the poodle with a mixture of proteins, with meat and offal; with the vitamins and minerals provided by vegetables and cereals, such as rice.

If you have doubts and want to know how to choose the best food for your dog, you should read our article Dog food or homemade food, which is better? ( )


In any of the varieties of the poodle, you must keep in mind that it is an energetic breed that likes to exercise according to its size, go for walks and, of course, play. Remember to leave him toys ( ) appropriate to his size.


Educating your poodle dog will be quite easy. The poodle breed is capable of learning from puppyhood. That is why in our poodle kennel in Las Almenas we try to train and educate them from an early age so that they learn the basic obedience commands.

Keep in mind that if you neglect and let your poodle get bored, he will use that intelligence to develop certain behaviors that you must avoid at all costs. So that he doesn’t mess up any chores at home, provide him with new stimuli and lots of fun!


The importance of knowing how to choose a poodle breeder

Purchasing a puppy from a responsibly bred poodle kennel ensures a number of qualities in your new furry friend:

1-Poodle breed dog

Mini poodle breeders who follow a responsible breeding, we care about the health of each of our puppies. We check that, from healthy parents, we get puppies free of hereditary diseases.

If you adopt a dog without pedigree you will not know in advance how it will behave, or if it will be able to adapt to your family … You can avoid this by selecting the most suitable dog breed for you. In our poodle kennel in Las Almenas, our professional breeders explain and give you all the information and data of each puppy.

2-Healthy poodle

In our poodle kennel, we take care of our litters with high quality food, vaccination, hygiene, deworming … so that you take home, above all, a healthy dog.

3-Social dog

It is important that the puppy you choose is used to socialize with other dogs, with other people and even with other animals. In this way in our poodle kennel we make sure that it grows in a balanced way and does not have behavioral problems when it arrives at your home.

4-The most suitable dog for you

In our poodle kennel in Las Almenas, we know your lifestyle and habits, how is your home and many other things, which help us to recommend the breed and puppy that, from our experience, will best suit you and your routines.

5-Advice at home

In Las Almenas we keep in touch with all those who are already part of our dog family to know how is the new life of our puppies. As you can see, our responsible breeding continues beyond the poodle kennel.

In Las Almenas we are still by your side to solve your doubts and help you in everything possible so that you and your poodle enjoy the best experiences.

So, if you want us to solve any doubt about your dog, here below you have your space to send us your questions or comments. You already know that in Las Almenas, besides being a poodle kennel, we also breed six other toy or mini dog breeds, do you want to know them? We invite you to visit our YouTube channel and our Instagram and Facebook profiles to learn more details and tips that we offer from Las Almenas.


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  1. Hello good afternoon.
    I would like to ask if you have poodle pups.
    Of the standard breed with mix colour.?
    We would really like a mix coloured poodle XL.
    Please let me know please if you have standard mix coloured poodle pups.
    Do they have pedigree papers.
    What is the price please including their safe travel to the Netherlands.?
    Do you have photographs of available pups.
    Look forward to hearing from you.Thankyou for the information.
    Best wishes
    Beverley and Maria Edwards

    1. Hello good afternoon, welcome to the Almenas family, thank you for enquiring and requesting information about our Poodle puppies. It is important to explain that we are a breeding centre for Miniature and Toy Poodles. We do not have XL Poodle. In case you want more information about our breed, we can send you photos and videos of our puppies. This is our phone number, +34696384192 , you can write us by WhatsApp. Best regards.

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