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Complete guide on the Yorkshire dog breed


Today we want to talk about one of the dogs that we like to raise in Las Almenas. It is able to live in any space and coexist with all kinds of people and other pets thanks to its characteristic way of being carefree and affectionate. We are talking about the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed, the most popular miniature toy in the world.

If you are thinking of acquiring a Yorkshire dog breed, you need to be aware of everything we tell you here. In our blog you will find all the information about the yorkshire breed, how much does a mini yorkshire eat, how tall is a yorkshire toy, how is the physical appearance of this little furry, what you have to take into account about his character … In short, we will show you our particular vision of the Yorkshire dog breed from the perspective of responsible breeder. Shall we start?

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General characteristics about the Yorkshire

The Yorkshire dog breed originates from England. The name Terrier means in Latin “earth”, due to its special qualities for tracking and hunting. This is a fact you should pay attention to because, although it is a cuddly and cuddly dog, you will soon discover that it is an excellent hunter in miniature. The innate sense of hunting that the Yorkshire dog breed has allows it to track and aim at pieces of different sizes.

If you finally acquire a specimen of the Yorkshire dog breed, you will see that it is a brave, fearless, but also homely dog. Since it is quite an energetic breed, you will have to be willing to pay attention to it and put up with its barking.

But don’t let the character traits of the Yorkshire dog breed scare you because, first and foremost, it is a companion dog and a great pet for families. If properly socialized from puppyhood, it will make friends with other household pets and, above all, will make you enjoy its company, long walks and games.




Physical characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier

There is no doubt that their appearance is adorable. Even more so when they are babies. If you come to our Yorkshire breeder in Asturias you will see that these puppies are irresistible.


The Yorkshire dog breed stands out for its smooth, medium long and very silky coat. It is blue and brown in color, and the hair on its head is usually tied up.

It is important to maintain the length of the Yorkshire Terrier’s coat so that it does not interfere with its stately gait. To do this, you will have to visit the groomer regularly to shape it and keep it at the right length.

Brushing should be done daily. If you can’t commit to brushing, don’t back out of getting this beautiful dog. You can cut the coat very short so you won’t need to brush as often.




In terms of height, the Yorkshire dog breed ranges between 16-26 centimeters for males and between 14 and 24 centimeters for females.

Their ideal weight is between 2 and 4 kg in males, while females usually weigh 2 or 3 kg.


Other particular characteristics

Other characteristics of this small hunter are its tiny V-shaped ears, its furry tail that should never be docked, its bright eyes and its very straight paws with black nails.

As you can see, it is a beautiful toy dog that will accompany you for many years, since the life expectancy of the Yorkshire dog breed is 12 to 15 years.


What is the character of the Yorkshire Terrier like?

As we have already told you, the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed has an innate hunting sense. You don’t like hunting? Do not worry because you will not have to take him hunting, although you will see that he enjoys a lot in the forest in search of fun. This makes the Yorkshire stand out for being an intelligent dog, funny, playful and, at the same time, very attentive and alert to all the signals you give him.

In fact, the Yorkshire dog breed has a great sense of hearing and acts as a watchdog, being able to face whoever is needed, despite its small size.

As we always say to all families who want to buy mini yorkshire and who come to Las Almenas is that it is necessary to give the furry the opportunity to spend their physical energy. You will have to encourage play with other companions of the species, let him sniff the grass, run through the field … in order to have a balanced dog.

You should also train him and teach him some tricks. You will see that, although he does not seem to learn, he does learn and very quickly. That’s why he can try to trick you and become capricious. Here you will have to respond firmly.

You should also train him to control his barking from the first day, and make him understand that the possession of his food and toys is not a matter of life or death.

All in all, the Yorkshire dog breed is lively and fun. He is intelligent and physically and mentally quick and spends a lot of time running around and inspecting things – you won’t get bored with him at any time!

What are the most common Yorkshire health problems?

Since the Yorkshire dog breed is very active, the most common health problems come from falling and jumping. This breed may also be predisposed to various genetic diseases.

Among the most common health problems of the Yorkshire are: retinal dysplasia, portosystemic shunt, tracheal collapse (which is a narrowing of the trachea that causes a dry cough in the dog) or patellar luxation (which is a displacement of the patella and may be caused by a malformation).


Daily exercise

Do not be surprised to see a Yorkshire dog trying to hunt butterflies and birds. We have already told you that he is a good hunter and loves to explore. Besides the fact that he likes to go for walks, the Yorkshire needs to interact with other dogs and with his human companions. Make sure you play with your Yorkie and have a full range of toys ( ) suitable for him.

Take him out every day and try to let him expend all the energy he is able to accumulate in his small body.


How much does a Yorkshire mini eat

As it happens with the rest of small or toy breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier does not need a great amount of food.

You will have to be attentive and control the food your dog eats because if it tends to devour the food until the bowl is empty, it is possible that it has some extra kilos. If, on the other hand, you consider that he is not eating enough, you will have to provide him with the right amount that his body needs.

His first two months are nourished by his mother’s milk, in fact, in Las Almenas we do not give any puppy under 3 months old. Then you will have to provide him with dry food from the junior range, manufactured exclusively to meet the nutritional needs of puppies until he reaches his first year.

Once adulthood is reached, your Yorkshire’s nutritional needs vary. Since the Yorkshire breed of dog is prone to obesity, you will have to reduce its intake compared to that provided during the puppy stage. Once developed, the Yorkshire no longer requires so many grams, nor such a high percentage of fat.


We help you to select the best dog for you

If you want a dog that is small and easy to transport, lively and fun, guardian and socialized with other dogs and pets, the Yorkshire dog breed is for you. However, you have to keep in mind that the Yorkshire Terrier has the fragility of toy breeds and requires quite a bit of attention. Not only for it to grow as a balanced dog, but also to keep its coat in good condition. Keep in mind that its temperament is not as predictable as its physical traits, so you will have to dedicate time to its education and training.


However, you can avoid some traits that are not so positive by choosing the right breeder and the right puppy. In Las Almenas we educate and facilitate the socialization of our puppies from the first days. That is why we know how each of our puppies are and we can advise you which one is the best for your family. In Las Almenas we breed in a responsible way so that the genetics of each breed is perfect and you can take home a new member of the family healthy and balanced.


Now it’s your turn to tell us if you have a Yorkshire Terrier at home, what is its character like? Does it match with what we have told you? Go ahead and write a comment below! And don’t forget to follow our profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel where every week we tell you new tips.

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