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Dog friendly beaches in Asturias

Are you thinking about spending your vacations with your dog in Asturias or are you lucky enough to live in the area? Well, then surely you are interested in knowing which are the dog friendly beaches in Asturias, what are their rules and what services do they have. If you have already had the opportunity […]

How to clean a dog’s ears in 5 easy steps

Your dog’s ears are one of the areas of his body that needs the most care. Do you know why? Because they house a very sensitive system that allows him to register sounds whose frequency is not possible to capture with the human ear. But, in addition, they are areas through which many infections enter […]

Otitis in dogs, How can I prevent it?

Does your dog’s ears hurt, does it scratch them continuously or does it have an inflamed ear canal? If you answered yes, you may be facing otitis in dogs, a very common and annoying disease that your furry friend may suffer several times in his life. In this Las Almenas article you will find the […]

When should I sterilize my dog?

Do I have to sterilize my dog? This is one of the most frequent questions that our friends of the Las Almenas family ask us. If you also want to know what is involved in the sterilization of a dog and what are its advantages and disadvantages, do not miss a single paragraph of what […]

Heat stroke in dogs, how to identify it?

Did you know that dogs do not sweat? Yes, they do. Dogs do not have developed perspiration through sweat glands. That is why they are much more sensitive than us when it comes to withstand high temperatures, and there can be cases of heat stroke in dogs. This fact must be treated urgently by the […]

Shave the dog’s hair in summer, is it advisable?

Yes, we already know that in summer, in certain areas of our country, the heat becomes suffocating. Maybe for this reason you are tempted to shave the dog’s hair in summer, with all your good intentions. But don’t do it! Without realizing it, you can put their health at risk. Do you want to know […]

5 plans and routes to enjoy with your dog during Easter Week

In addition to your love and attention, your dog also needs fun! And surely you also need a dose of entertainment and you are looking forward to making plans and routes to enjoy with your dog this Easter. Well, you can take note of our 5 proposals of plans and routes to enjoy with your […]

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