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Reverse sneezing in dogs, what is it?

I’m sure you already knew that dogs sneeze on a regular basis, but have you ever heard what reverse sneezing in dogs looks like? You may have never heard of it, which is what happens to most dog owners. That’s why, when reverse sneezing in dogs occurs, it usually causes some alarm and concern. To […]

Diabetes in dogs, what is its treatment?

Did you know that diabetes in dogs exists? Well, it does. This disease is not exclusive to humans and is also differentiated into two types of diabetes that are produced by different causes. If you want to know how diabetes in dogs is diagnosed and treated, you just have to continue reading this article that […]

Ulcers in a dog’s eyes

Surely if you have a dog you have already noticed that these animals are prone to eye problems. The ulcers in the eyes of a dog is one of these problems that can become complicated if not treated in time. Since, in addition to causing a lot of pain, they can lead to an infection […]

Hiccups in dogs, 5 tips to solve it

Surely you have noticed that your dog has hiccups. Yes, just as people have hiccups, dogs also suffer this uncomfortable process, but do you know why hiccups happen in dogs? Do you want to know how to eliminate it? Then keep reading this article that we have prepared from Las Almenas.   What is hiccups […]

The best 12 Apps for dogs

Surely if you take a look at your cell phone you have downloaded countless applications, but how many are really useful? In our blog Las Almenas we propose 5 apps for dogs that, for sure, will not leave you indifferent, as they will facilitate many aspects related to your pet. As you can imagine, there […]

First aid kit for dogs, what do you need to have?

Throughout their lives, most dogs suffer many accidents and health problems that, in many occasions, we will be able to solve by ourselves. At other times, we will be able to give immediate attention until our dog can be seen by the veterinarian. In any of the cases, we will need to have at hand […]

Rabies in dogs, signs and symptoms

It is one of the best known and most dangerous diseases that can occur in dogs. But rabies does not only affect dogs, it can occur in almost all warm-blooded animals. Cats, foxes, ferrets, skunks, cattle and bats are some examples of mammalian transmitters, in addition to dogs. However, if your dog is properly vaccinated, […]

10 fundamental tips, how to walk a dog in the street!

Surely this is one of the most important and desired moments for your dog. The walk not only allows him to relieve himself, but it is also essential for him to exercise, socialize with other dogs and release the stress of the day at home. So, as you can see, it is a good idea […]

Dog friendly hotel in Asturias

There are places where you can’t travel with your dog. You don’t know where to leave your best friend? Are you looking for a place where your dog will be well cared for, fed, with a correct hygiene and with activities that will keep him exercised? If you want your pet to enjoy a good […]

Is sunscreen for dogs necessary?

Sun protection is nowadays an indisputable issue for people, regardless of their skin type. Not only to avoid painful sunburns but, above all, to prevent premature skin aging and, more importantly, skin cancer. But what about dogs, can they get sunburn and do they need to be protected with dog sunscreen? Since we know that […]

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