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How is the breeding in a Yorkshire mini cattery?

If you are thinking about acquiring a Yorkshire or another breed of mini or toy dog, you may wonder how is the breeding of this beautiful animal. In Las Almenas, as a Yorkshire mini cattery, we develop a responsible breeding, at the same time that we assure you its pedigree and, above all, that you […]

What is the small dog syndrome?

The small dog syndrome is a behavioral disorder that is caused by inadequate education of the animal. Although you may not always be aware of it, allowing your pet to do what it wants is the first step towards developing small dog syndrome. Usually large breed dogs are not allowed to do certain inappropriate behaviors […]

Distemper in dogs: symptoms and treatment

Your dog’s health is paramount. That is why if you have a dog or you are thinking of getting one, you should know the different canine diseases that can affect it to know how to prevent them and not get a good scare. One of these diseases is distemper in dogs, also known as Distemper. […]

The 6 most intelligent dog breeds in the world

It is common knowledge that some dog breeds are more intelligent than others. Some dogs have the ability to learn very fast. Others understand words, know how to take care of children or people with special needs. There are dogs that are easy to train to work with the police or firefighters, and there are […]

How to keep your dog warm in winter

It is becoming more and more common, especially in cities, to see dogs out in the street wearing warm clothes, something that for some may seem an absurd fashion or simply “postureo”. But is it really a fashion or a necessity to keep dogs warm in winter? Is it good to keep dogs warm in […]

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