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Celiac dogs, how to detect their gluten intolerance?

Is your dog suffering from digestive problems and has lost weight? If after trying medications you have not noticed any improvement, it may be due to gluten intolerance. Although it may surprise you, just as it happens with people, there are dogs with celiac disease. In this article that we have prepared from Las Almenas, […]

10 forbidden foods for dogs that you should avoid

If you live with a dog or you are responsible for its health and care, it is essential that you know the list of forbidden foods for dogs. If, due to ignorance, you share with your pet any of these forbidden foods for dogs, it is possible that it will suffer intoxication and a series […]

Chocolate for dogs, danger!

It is so delicious that you may have been tempted to give chocolate to your pet, not knowing how dangerous chocolate is for dogs. What can happen to a dog if it has eaten chocolate? What is the amount considered as toxic? To answer these questions, as well as to know what we can do […]

Spirulina for dogs, fad or superfood?

Have you heard about the benefits of spirulina for dogs? Surely you have because it has become fashionable in recent years. That is why in our Las Almenas blog we want to tell you all about this algae considered a superfood due to its rich composition and the benefits attributed to it not only for […]

Healthy fruits and vegetables for your dog

Yes, dogs are carnivorous animals. But did you know that there are healthy fruits and vegetables for your dog? That’s right. Fruits and vegetables are necessary to achieve a balanced diet and keep your dog’s body in perfect condition. Do you want to know which fruits and vegetables are healthy for your dog and in […]

Constipation in small breed dogs

Yes, dogs have constipation problems too. And interestingly enough, it is the small breeds that tend to experience this problem most often. However, constipation in small breed dogs does not usually cause serious difficulties, although if it occurs over a long period or repeatedly, it can have consequences. Symptoms of constipation in dogs You may […]

How to make homemade dog cookies, 3 exclusive recipes!

Homemade dog cookies are the perfect snack. They are simple, tasty, economical and, most importantly, they are very nutritious and allow you to control the food you feed your dog. Do you think making dog cookies is complicated? Well, you will be surprised how easy and quick it is to prepare and bake dog snacks. […]

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