Zoonosis in dogs, disease prevention and control

One of the main concerns that you tell us when you buy your dogs, and especially when there are children at home, is the risk that dogs can transmit diseases. Therefore, we want to explain what is zoonosis in dogs, its types, symptoms and how to prevent them. What is zoonosis in dogs? “Zoonosis” is […]

How to teach a dog to pee outside the house

The arrival of a puppy at home is one of the most exciting moments for the whole family. It is the beginning of a coexistence full of unforgettable moments and experiences. But in the midst of all this excitement, a lot of questions arise. One of the most common questions we dog breeders are asked […]

How much do dogs sleep?

Do you think your dog is a sleepyhead? Or do you think your furry friend doesn’t get enough sleep? You may be a little worried about your dog’s sleeping habits and that’s why today, in our Las Almenas blog, we want to clear your doubts and tell you how much do dogs sleep get.   […]

Why do dogs cry? Meaning, causes and solutions

Are you worried because your dog won’t stop crying and you don’t know why? If you want to help him and you don’t know how to do it, let us, from Las Almenas, explain you Why do dogs cry. In the following lines we want to tell you what the crying of dogs means and, […]

Separation stress in dogs, what is wrong with him?

Separation anxiety or separation stress in dogs is a very common problem nowadays and goes beyond the simple fact that “my dog barks when left alone” or “he is not able to be without me”. If your dog, especially if he is a puppy or if you have recently brought him home, cries when you […]

Teleworking with dogs at home, how to organize yourself?

Setting up a home office has been a must for many. The coronavirus pandemic has brought us this new way of working that, by the looks of it, is here to stay. However, although you may not realize it, teleworking with dogs at home has a series of advantages that we are going to tell […]

Dog language. 10 gestures you need to understand

I’m sure you already know many of your dog’s gestures. Sometimes, you already know how to understand what he wants to communicate or do according to his behavior or gesture language. But if you want to know and communicate even better with your furry friend, let us tell you the 10 gestures you need to […]

Kennel cough, symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Are you worried that your dog has a dry, hacking cough? If so, he may have kennel cough. A curious name for an illness similar to the cold we people suffer from. As such, the disease is not dangerous, but it is very contagious among dogs, hence the name kennel cough because the contagion occurs […]