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Breeders where to buy a poodle in Spain


They are affectionate, faithful, intelligent and cheerful. The poodle has everything you want in a companion dog. If this is your choice, you only need to find where to buy a poodle in Spain. Do not think that it is an easy task because you can find people who take the breeding of poodles as a simple business or, what is worse, you can fall into some kind of scam, especially if you opt for supposed bargains on the Internet. To avoid this, from Las Almenas we recommend you to read our article Fake dog ads on the Internet and learn how you can avoid them.

Pet stores are not the ideal place to buy a dog of breed such as a poodle, since these establishments do not assure us that the conditions of breeding and socialization of dogs has been adequate.

Therefore, if you want to buy a toy poodle in Spain and avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend you to go to responsible and professional breeders. We will explain the advantages of this type of centers.


Why is it better to buy a poodle from a breeder?

There are many reasons why responsible breeders are the most appropriate and safest places to buy a poodle in Spain:

1-We guarantee your dog’s pedigree.

Since you have chosen to increase your family with a poodle, only in official breeders can you be sure that this is the breed you are taking home.

Acquiring a pedigree dog brings with it the enormous advantage of knowing in advance what its behavior will be, what height and size it will reach as an adult and what care is best suited to your poodle. If you want to know what are these general characteristics of the toy poodle, we invite you to read this article  or if you opt for the red poodle, this other article is for you Red toy poodle. A very special dog.

As a guarantee, in the poodle breeders we will provide you with all the documentation that verifies the pedigree of your puppy in which you can check the purity of its lineage, its state of health and that of its parents.

If in any breeder or store where you want to buy a poodle in Spain they do not have the records that guarantee the pedigree of the dog, it is better not to trust that breeder and go to other legal and authorized centers.


2-You make sure that it is a healthy dog

Professional breeders are passionate about our puppies. All our daily efforts are focused on providing quality care for each of our puppies, as well as for their parents. Our dedication goes beyond the desire to get beautiful toy poodles, but, above all, to get happy and healthy dogs physically and emotionally.

That is why we take extreme care of our facilities, hygiene, quality food and veterinary care. All our puppies are strictly vaccinated and dewormed according to the vaccination and deworming schedule.

These first vaccinations are administered against infectious hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus and leptospirosis, which are administered in week 5 of life, the first dose, and in the ninth week the first vaccination is completed. Until that time, the puppy enjoys its mother and littermates, feeding on mother’s milk, which provides it with the necessary defenses and antibodies until the vaccines take effect.

In this way, we make sure to give you a healthy and protected puppy, and we will indicate you when are the next vaccinations or deworming that you will have to carry out when the dog lives with you.



3-You make sure it is a sociable dog

The socialization of the dog is another of the basic issues that you must take into account when you buy a poodle in Spain.

Keep in mind that if you acquire a dog that has not been educated or socialized and is afraid or has suffered some kind of mistreatment, this can cause the dog to be stressed continuously and be very distrustful, nervous and barking. As you can see, an unsocialized dog can become a real problem for everyone who lives with the animal.

That is why, in responsible breeders, as is the case of Las Almenas, we take very seriously the socialization of our puppies. From the first days of life we try to socialize the poodle puppies with any other dog of the other six breeds that we also breed at Las Almenas.

The puppies quickly get used to be with other animals, people, noises, places and environments. This is how we get our poodle puppies to be calm and balanced dogs that do not respond violently or become frightened in new situations.

The love and permanent care that we give to our poodles day by day, make it very easy for them to adapt to their new families with the tenderness and sociability that characterizes them. Undoubtedly, they have the perfect character to integrate in families with small children and become great companions for games and adventures.

In short, dogs that have been properly educated, as it happens in responsible breeders, have a much better quality of life, are calmer and happier than those who feel continually stressed by their environment.

For all these reasons, the best option when buying a poodle in Spain is, without a doubt, the professional and responsible breeders, where we try to breed the best toy poodles in a loving and sociable way, taking care of all the details.


How much does it cost to buy a poodle in Spain?

We know that the price is something that we all look at with a magnifying glass at the moment of buying. But, when buying a poodle in Spain, or any other dog, the most important thing is to pay attention to the health of the animal. If you buy a dog without knowing that it has physical or mental problems, you will have to deal with the situation, visit the vet, feed, special, medical treatment, etc. which will affect your pocket much more than having invested from the beginning in a pedigree dog with certain health guarantees.

As we have already explained, in responsible and legal breeders we dedicate a lot of time in the care and attention of each puppy. From its birth and during the first days of life, we spend day and night by its side watching that the upbringing is correct.

When the puppy is growing up, we continue to provide the best food, hygiene, deworming, veterinary checkups, vaccinations, in addition to facilitating socialization between the puppies and other animals and people who are in Las Almenas. For this we have more than 7,000 m2 of field in which we raise our puppies in semi-freedom.

As you can see, depending on all the care, facilities, veterinary service and other details of the breeding, you can find different prices when you want to buy a poodle in Spain.


Where to buy a poodle in Spain

If you are looking for where to buy a poodle in Spain, in Las Almenas we offer you all the guarantees we have mentioned in this article.

Here you will only find toy poodles with a fair price for you and for the puppies, since we are totally away from the black market, puppy farms, and importers of dogs from Eastern countries.

Now you can buy a poodle in Spain with the security of being dealing with reliable professionals, with many years of experience, and that we will continue advising you at home to solve all your doubts and queries.

If you still haven’t made up your mind and have some doubts about the most suitable dog breed for you and your family, ask us! In Las Almenas we breed up to seven mini and toy breeds of adorable, fun and very affectionate dogs: the Yorkshire, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Biewer, Dachshund and, of course, the Poodle. We can inform you about the general characteristics of each breed and the particularities of each puppy, just contact us. You can write us below, in the comments box or through our profiles on FacebookInstagram and our YouTube Channel.

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14 Responses

  1. I am 74 years old, and retired ( former half marathon runner, international teacher ). I would like an older Toy poodle because of my age ( I worry that I may die before the dog ) I don’t need a dog for breeding or showing, just a companion dog. I had dogs all my life ( the last one was an Italian water Dog )
    I prefer a party poodle or blue/ black one – the smallest toy possible. I live in a large apartment but take regular walks. The dog needs to be quiet – with respect to the neighbors, in good health, spade/neutered and house trained.

    1. Hello Carmen, welcome to the Almenas family. Thank you for contacting us and requesting information about our breeds. We are a canine centre of responsible breeding of miniature breeds, we deliver the dogs with 3 months, vaccinations and deworming, we do not sell older dogs. All our dogs are sociable and are raised so that they can live with people of all ages, but in the end they are dogs, the education of the same would be something that you have to do. If you want you can write us by WhatsApp, we send photos and videos of our puppies. Our phone number is +34696384192, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Best regards.

  2. Hola Iván,
    Gracias por su correo electrónico. Investigué un poco y su empresa es muy respetada y recomendada en la comunidad de criadores. En este momento sigo investigando ya que mi preferencia sería por un caniche toy gris, negro o multicolor. Mi segunda búsqueda fue por un perro mayor debido a mi edad (75) y la posibilidad de que el perro me sobreviva.
    Si mi búsqueda no conduce a ninguna parte, me pondré en contacto con usted.

    1. Muchas gracias Carmen, estaremos encantados de ayudarte. Un saludo.

  3. Interested in a toy poodle or miniature labradoodle. I live in fuerteventura. I’ve had doodles for 15 years.

    1. Hello Karie good morning, welcome to the Almenas family. We are very busy with the last births and the day to day we are busy, so it is better to call us or write by WhatApp. That’s why it’s better for us to talk on the phone, so we can give you the information you need completely updated. We have beautiful miniature Poodles, if you want write us a message and we will send you photos and videos of our puppies, we are waiting for you!

  4. I am looking for a male Teacup poodle. Preferably white can you tell me price and availability
    Also do you deliver I’m near Villa Martin

    1. Hello Susan, good morning. First of all, thank you for writing to us and getting in touch, we are delighted to welcome you to the Almenas family. Regarding your question, in order to give you all the information as complete and updated as possible, it is better that you write us by WhatsApp to +34696384192, this is how we can send you photos and videos of our puppies, solve all your doubts and advise you on the purchase of a puppy. Oh, and yes, we send dogs all over the world, write us and we will explain you how we work. Best regards.

  5. Hi I am looking to get a poodle or poodle cross would you be able to help me ?
    We live in the Granada province
    Thanks in advance Andy

    1. Hi Andy, you can send a WhatsApp to +34696384192 and we will send you photos and videos of our puppies. Without obligation we will give you all the information you need, we send the dogs with our own staff to your home. Do not leave it, write message and we comment everything what you need. A greeting

  6. Hi,

    Do you have Female Poodle, apricot, born on Dec 3rd, 2022?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Diana, thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the Almenas family. You can send a WhatsApp to +34696384192 and we will send you photos and videos of our puppies. Without obligation we will give you all the information you need, we send the dogs with our own staff to your home, you don’t need to come to Spain. Do not leave it, write message and we comment everything what you need. A greeting

  7. Hi there, I wonder if you can help me , I am an older woman in my sixties and I have a few problems with mobility I am able to get out using my walker or mobility scooter, do you think a toy poodle pup would be okay with me or am I just kidding myself that I could give her the exercise she needs, I live in quite a large house with a garden in Orihuela Costa, I also have a grown up Son who lives close by if I needed extra help, please can you let me know what you think.

    1. Hello good afternoon Marilyn, it is a pleasure to greet you, welcome to the Almenas family. In order to give you all the information you need, I leave you our contact telephone number, +34696384192, you can send us a message via WhatsApp or if you prefer you can call us directly. We send photos and videos of our puppies without obligation. Call us and we comment on the Poodle breed that is the one that interests you, you should know some details of this breed. Best regards.

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