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Breeders where to buy a Biewer in Spain


Buying a Biewer in Spain is not complicated, but having a healthy and well socialized dog is. And this, in part, depends on the upbringing the dog has had before coming to your home.

You will understand that the attention that a dog receives in a responsible breeder is more adequate than that received from private individuals or even from mafias that see the sale of purebred dogs as a lucrative business.

That is why, if you are considering buying a Biewer in Spain, you should pay attention to the recommendations from Las Almenas in this article.



7 tips to buy a Biewer in Spain

If you are looking for the best breeder where to buy a Biewer in Spain, these are the 7 basic points you should follow.


1-Be very careful with advertisements on the Internet

We already know that one of the most comfortable ways to buy nowadays is through the Internet. But remember that we are not talking about an object, but a new member of the family with whom you are going to live for many years.

It is true that on the Internet you can find real bargains and even give away the dog in exchange for you paying the shipping costs. But, what guarantees do they give you regarding the animal’s health? How do they guarantee that it is an authentic breed dog? How are you going to know how it has been cared for? Will it have received an education? Will it be a stolen dog?

There are many uncertainties that arise when buying a Biewer in Spain through ads on the Internet. In fact, it is more and more common to find fake dog ads on the Internet that are a real scam and can leave you without money and without a pet.


2-Visit the breeder before buying a Biewer in Spain

For the same reason that we tell you not to buy on the Internet, we insist that you buy from legal breeders that you can visit.

Being able to visit and meet the breeder and the professionals in charge of the animals is essential to make sure that the dog has received the best possible care.

When you approach the breeder you should check if the space is clean, has a good air conditioning, is well ventilated and illuminated. The fact that it has an enclosure where the dogs can run free is another positive point that you should value in your visit.

If it is not possible for you to visit the breeder, check their website for photos and as much information as possible. It would be a good idea to search in forums and social networks for comments from other buyers and check what kind of care the breeder in question offers.


3-Buying a pedigree Biewer in Spain

Obviously all dogs need the care and love of a family like yours. But choosing a dog with pedigree offers a series of guarantees regarding the health and behavior of the dog, since it meets the requirements and characteristics, in this case, of the Biewer.

You still don’t know well what are all these characteristics of the Biewer? So you will know how this breed behaves, what characteristics and size they have as pups and can grow to be as adults, etc.

When buying a Biewer in Spain it is essential that the breeder has the records that guarantee the pedigree of the dog. If you cannot verify the purity of its lineage or its state of health and that of its progenitors, then it is better not to trust that breeder, since you could have many unpleasant surprises when you discover that your dog is not the one you expected.


 4-The importance of knowing the mother of the puppy

If you want to buy a Biewer in Spain that is still a puppy, it is very important that you get to know the mother. Therefore, when you visit the breeder, ask to meet the mother, as she must take care of the puppies during the first weeks of life to ensure a good nutrition and socialization of the puppy.

When you go to see her, check to see if the mother is a purebred and in good health. You should also look to see whether or not she shows interest in the litter. If you see that she is not interested in the puppies, you should be suspicious because it could be because she is not the real mother of the puppies.


5-Check the dog’s health and vaccinations

When buying a Biewer in Spain, or any other breed of dog, it is mandatory that the dog has received the vaccinations that correspond to its age. Therefore, make sure that the vaccination booklet is up to date with the obligatory vaccinations.

These first vaccinations are administered to puppies in the fifth week of life. They are those that prevent infectious hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus and leptospirosis. Later, in the ninth week, the first vaccination is completed.

If for any reason the breeder does not show you the complete card, be suspicious if it is a legal breeder.


6-Ask if it is a sociable dog.

It is as important to buy a healthy and sociable Biewer in Spain. Keep in mind that, if you buy a dog with fears, that has suffered mistreatment or has not been socialized correctly, it is possible that you will find a distrustful, barking, very nervous animal… issues that interfere in a correct coexistence. And this, undoubtedly, will be one problem after another.

Socialization is not something that dog sellers take into account, but it is something that we take care of in responsible breeders, as in Las Almenas. For that, we try to socialize our puppies not only with their litter brothers, but also with other animals, people, environments, noises, etc.

In this way, the puppies get used to the presence of other people, different environments, etc. and so they do not get scared when they go to their new home or experience unfamiliar situations. This socialization is essential for a pleasant and fluid coexistence between the dog and the whole family that is going to live with him.

7-Cheap can be very expensive

We already know that the price is one of the issues that most influence us when buying a Biewer in Spain, or any other breed or issue.

Specifically, this breed is not difficult to find in our country, but it is more complicated to find a healthy and well socialized specimen. For that reason, even when acquiring a dog as a gift, it can be very expensive because you may need to visit the veterinarian more frequently than usual. Therefore, when buying a Biewer in Spain, do not get carried away so much by the price. It is better that you consider the 7 points we have mentioned.


Cattery where to buy a Biewer in Spain

After taking into account all the essential points we have mentioned, you may be wondering, where to buy a Biewer in Spain? Well, we insist that only legal and professional breeders meet all the requirements and guarantees. It is the best way to buy a Biewer in Spain with the security of being dealing with experienced professionals, far from the black market, pet stores and puppy imports from Eastern European countries.

In Las Almenas we are so involved in the happiness of our puppies, that we help families to choose the most suitable dog. We take into account the type of family, the time they are going to be able to dedicate to the dog, the type of house they are going to live in, etc. In this way, we try to make sure that the dog you take home is the one that will best fit in your home.

In Las Almenas we have a long experience in the professional breeding of seven mini or toy dog breeds that live and socialize in perfect harmony: the Yorkshire, Shih Tzu, Bichon Maltese, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Poodle and, of course, Biewer. If you want us to help you choose the most suitable breed for you and your family, just ask us.

And if you are decided to buy a Biewer in Spain, contact us and ask us about our next litters, without any commitment. You may have to wait several weeks until we can offer you the most suitable dog for you and your family. This is because currently the Biewer breed is one of the most demanded but, above all, it is because in Las Almenas we respect the times and breeding cycles of our dogs and their litters.

What do you think about our article, has it helped you to choose where to buy a Biewer in Spain? Tell us your experience in the comments box just below this article. Or, if you prefer, you can send us your questions through our profiles on  FacebookInstagram and the Las Almenas YouTube channel. We will be delighted to have you as part of our Almenas Family and share with us your experiences and tips. Until the next post!

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