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A big dog in a small dog body, the Chihuahua is a toy breed with a big heart and an even bigger personality. This little lap dog is like a little magnet, attracting many admirers with its small stature, soulful eyes and expressive ears.


1-3 Kg


12-20 years


15-35 cm

General characteristics

They are affectionate dogs and very attached to their humans.

They react strongly when intimidated by strangers.

Chihuahuas are best for homes without small children or other dominant pets.

Ideal for retirees or parents who work from home and can provide a lot of attention.

Our breed has an apple-shaped head with erect, expressive ears and large, bright eyes on a short, slightly pointed muzzle.

The smooth coat is short, dense and glossy, with a collar at the neck. The long coat is smooth or wavy, with a soft texture, an undercoat and a large collar on the neck.

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