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Biewer Terrier

Biewers are extremely noble and possess an innate sense of companionship. The Biewer is a lively and intelligent dog that needs to have a lot of movement. If properly trained, it is a loving and caring dog for the entire family, including the elderly and children.




12-15 years


20-25 cm

General characteristics

The eyes of the Biewer are medium sized and round or almond shaped. They are dark in color and have an intelligent and lively expression.

The head, rather small, appears slightly rounded with a moderate stop. The snout is completely black.

The ears, small and V-shaped, are carried upright and covered with hair. The body is thin and the length can be slightly higher than their height

The tail is tall, curved and ends with a long plume.

The front legs are straight and muscular, the rear legs are straight if viewed from behind and slightly bent if viewed from the side.

How to take care of a Biewer puppy

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