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Biewer Terrier Kennel, Complete guide!


Its noble and very sociable behavior has made the Biewer one of the favorite breeds as a pet in recent years. Properly educated he is a very affectionate dog that makes the whole family fall in love with him. If you want to make your wish come true and have one of these adorable puppies, and you are looking for a reliable Biewer Terrier kennel, in Las Almenas we can help you select the puppy that best suits your lifestyle.

But before you visit our Biewer Terrier kennel or buy a Biewer Terrier puppy, we invite you to read this complete guide to learn more about the characteristics and character of this toy or mini dog breed.


What do you know about its origin?

Did you know that the Biewer Terrier is a breed achieved as a result of a genetic mutation that affects the coat of the Yorkshire Terrier? It was the Biewer couple who in 1984 became the first Biewer Terrier breeders by crossing two Yorkshire Terriers that had a recessive gene that produced tricolor specimens.

After the selection work of the Biewer couple, they managed to establish standard and homogeneous characteristics of the current breed.




Biewer Terrier Characteristics

The Biewer Terrier, also called Yorkshire Biewer Terrier, is a cheerful, lively and intelligent dog. It can live in all types of houses and, thanks to its small size and the fact that it is considered hypoallergenic, it is highly recommended for living in small apartments.

The weight of the Biewer Terrier breed barely exceeds 3 kilos and it is characterized by a coat of soft and silky hair so long that it can reach the floor.

As for the dimensions, we can say that the Biewer has a height between 15 and 23 cm for the male and between 10 and 18 cm for the female.

This breed of dog has an average life span that ranges between 12 and 15 years. As you can see, they live many years and this is due, in part, to the fact that they are not very sickly, robust and resistant dogs, in spite of their small size. However, it can present problems such as dislocation of the knee, progressive atrophy of the retina and some other stomach problems that you can avoid with proper nutrition.


Tricolored coat, its hallmark

But in spite of its origin and resemblance to the Yorkshire Terrier, with which it shares aspects such as the small, V-shaped ears, the Biewer has a series of specific characteristics that make it unique. The Biewer Terrier genetics confers to this breed the presence of the white color in its coat. Thus, the legs, belly, chest and at least the last part of the tail must be white.

As for the gold color, it should only be present on the face, it cannot be seen anywhere else. Therefore, on the head, you will see that it has three colors in symmetry: white, black and gold.

Its eyes will surely captivate you. They are medium sized, but very bright and expressive with the possibility of being brown, green or even gold colored. You will see that they are always alert, something very common in this breed of dog.



Biewer Terrier Character

Are you looking for a companion dog? If so, the Biewer Terrier is an excellent choice. At our Las Almenas Biewer Terrier kennel we breed this breed along with six other mini breeds that learn to socialize from the first weeks of life.

Responsible breeding is essential, not only to ensure the genetics of a dog, but also so that the puppy can adapt to its new home and family without problems.

The education of the Biewer is fundamental because it is a dog with a lot of character and can become dominant. It is necessary to avoid spoiling him so that he does not become rebellious. You will see how easy it is to teach him new tricks using positive reinforcement and rewards.

In addition, Biewer Terrier breeders value and select the dogs that are best suited to the conditions of their new family. Keep in mind that the Biewer is a dog with an energetic temperament and needs daily exercise and space to run. So, if your apartment is small, you will have to take him for frequent walks so that he can release all his energy. Undoubtedly, it is an incentive for those people who are somewhat lazy and sedentary, since, with a Biewer at home, they will have to go out more often.

In case you are looking for a quieter and also small dog, we recommend you to read our article: What are the small and quiet dog breeds?


What care does the Biewer Terrier need?

Despite being a very independent dog, it requires a lot of attention when it comes to hygiene.

If you think that his majestic coat keeps itself alone, you are very wrong. Ideally, you should comb it daily. To do this, remember to comb against the grain to be able to brush the deepest layers of his coat. Don’t forget to use the right comb. You have no idea how to brush your dog or which brush to use? Then you will surely be interested in our articles: 10 Tips for brushing your dog’s coat  or Dog brush, which one is the most suitable?

In addition to the hair, be careful with their eyes. Yes, miniature breed dogs such as the mini Yorkshire Terrier, the Maltese Bichon or the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier are very prone to eye problems. To reduce the possible risks as much as possible, it is important that you gather their hair on their head and make sure that it does not get into their eyes, as it could damage the cornea.

As for the food, as we recommend with all our dog breeds, it is important that it is of high quality and that it provides the essential nutrients to be always healthy. And don’t forget to brush and clean their teeth well because their small mouths make it easy for food to get stuck between their teeth and make it difficult to remove it, which can lead to major problems. If you want to know how to clean their teeth, we invite you to read our post: 5 different ways to clean a dog’s teeth.

One last piece of advice we give you as a Biewer Terrier kennel is about clothing. In small breed puppies, clothes in winter or raincoats when it rains are not a whim, but rather a necessity. Toy breeds tend to be quite cold and therefore can have health problems if they suffer from high levels of humidity and cold. In these cases, clothing is necessary to keep them warm and to ensure their well-being.



Are you thinking about having a Biewer Terrier?

If you want to increase your family, from Las Almenas, as a Biewer Terrier kennel, we recommend the following:

1-Acquire your puppy in a reliable Biewer Terrier kennel.

In our country there is still a certain lack of knowledge about this new breed. In Spain, when talking about the Biewer, we find denominations such as Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkshire Biewer or Biewer Yorkie… In short, there is a long list of denominations that are synonymous and that, in many cases, have led to place the Biewer as a “version” Yorkshire Terrier and not as an independent breed of dog.

In view of such ignorance, and to make sure that your dog has Biewer Terrier genetics, it is advisable to acquire it in a specialized kennel.

The information, together with the continuous work of the breeders, are being the main engines to achieve the definitive recognition of the Biewer breed in Spain.

In addition, in a responsible breeding Biewer Terrier kennel, as in Las Almenas, we observe the health of each puppy and we make sure that you take home, above all, a healthy puppy.

We also take care of their behavior and we put all the resources to avoid that our puppies have any kind of behavior that could be a problem for you when you get home.

If you want to avoid all these risks to the health and behavior of your dog, it is best to buy your puppy in a Biewer Terrier kennel.


2-Socialize your Biewer Terrier with other dogs from an early age.

To prevent your Biewer from having problems with other dogs, we recommend that you socialize your furry friend from the time he is a puppy.

In our Biewer Terrier kennel we socialize our puppies from a few weeks of life with other breeds and even with other animals so that they do not have problems in the future when they arrive at their new home.


3-Don’t spoil him too much!

We know you love to spoil and cuddle your dog, but don’t overdo it! Although the Biewer is a small and cuddly dog, you have to make sure he lives a cuddly life. You shouldn’t carry him in your arms in the street, unless it’s necessary, nor should you avoid saving him from all situations in the park when he’s interacting with other dogs.

This is the only way to make your pet a healthy, exercised dog, able to socialize with other dogs and people.



Are you looking for a Biewer Terrier kennel in Spain?

In our Biewer Terrier kennel in Las Almenas, Asturias, you will find Biewer Terrier dogs, as well as six other breeds. We can advise you and help you find the dog that, for its character and behavior, best suits your needs and lifestyle. We can also advise you on their care and education so that you can enjoy your dog from day one.

What do you think about our article? Do you already have a Biewer Terrier and does it correspond to what we have told you here? Tell us what you think about this breed and if you have any doubt that we have not solved in the article, we will be happy to solve it. Write us here below or, if you prefer, on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel profiles, we are looking forward to reading your messages!

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