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5 plans and routes to enjoy with your dog during Easter Week


In addition to your love and attention, your dog also needs fun! And surely you also need a dose of entertainment and you are looking forward to making plans and routes to enjoy with your dog this Easter.

Well, you can take note of our 5 proposals of plans and routes to enjoy with your dog not only this Easter, but also any weekend.

5 plans and routes to enjoy with your dog

Plan nº1- Hiking and mountain trails

A good way to make your dog happy is to take him hiking with you and your family. Besides relaxing, physical exercise is always good for pets, so it is a very complete activity full of benefits.

On the one hand, breathing fresh air, running and playing make hiking a great option for your dog to relax and release all the accumulated tension, especially if you live in a small apartment.

But, in addition, making plans and routes to enjoy with your dog makes the bonds of union between the two of you or with the whole family grow stronger.

Undoubtedly, organizing and carrying out plans and routes to enjoy with your dog is a great idea. If you like this proposal, take note of all our tips that from Las Almenas we offer you to make it a perfect experience!

  • Plan very well the route you are going to do with your dog to check that it is suitable for his strength and endurance.
  • Don’t forget to bring water for you and your dog. On some routes there are no supplies and you can’t afford dehydration. And if it is a long route, don’t forget to bring food.
  • If you are going on a route that crosses a cattle ranch, your dog should be on a leash during that stretch to avoid problems with other animals.
  • Check your dog’s paws from time to time during the route to make sure that no splinters are stuck in them.
  • Whenever you are going to make plans and routes to enjoy with your dog, check the weather and check the temperatures at the time you will be walking. Dogs are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and you should keep this aspect under control so that the walk is healthy.

And on the way back? After the walk with your dog, it’s time to give him a good check of his ears, coat and paws. Surely he deserves a good bath and brushing and a ration of his favorite food to replenish his strength, he will be exhausted!



Plan nº2- To the beach with your dog

Another of those plans and routes to enjoy with your dog is the beach. Last year, due to the pandemic, not many dog beaches were available. However, it is expected that during this 2021 the municipalities will include “pet friendly” beaches on their coasts.

The Valencian Community and Andalusia are the communities with more dog-friendly beaches, but on any coast, you will find some dog-friendly beaches. If you want to escape this Easter or any weekend with your pet to enjoy the beach, you will have to check which beaches are enabled for the enjoyment of bathers and their dogs. You have to be well informed, since the fines can reach 3,000 euros.


Plan nº3- Swimming pools for dogs

id you know that there are more and more swimming pools that admit dogs and that swimming pools and water parks for dogs are also opening? If you are looking for plans and routes to enjoy with your dog this Easter, going to one of these pools or heated water parks is an ideal option. Besides enjoying a good dip, your dog will exercise, play and socialize with other pets.

In these types of pools you and your dog will be able to do all kinds of activities. Many swimming pools that allow dogs have areas enabled for exercises, activities, gymnastics, as well as small attractions or challenges for your dog.

If among your plans and routes to enjoy with your dog is the idea of going to a swimming pool, please note that:

  • You must consult the regulations of each enclosure. There are pools where your dog can accompany you, but not swim. And there are centers where the pools are only for dogs and not for people.
  • In some enclosures you may be asked for a photocopy of the veterinarian’s card with all current and updated information of the dog’s owner.
  • Do you have a female dog? In many swimming pools it is not allowed the entrance to the dogs that are in heat period, take it into account!


Plan nº4- Camino de Santiago for dogs

Are you planning to make a pilgrimage this Easter along the Camino de Santiago with your dog? Doing the Camino de Santiago is an enriching experience for you and your dog. It is an adventure full of anecdotes, tourism and sensations that you can spend with your pet.

This is one of the best plans and routes to enjoy with your dog this Easter. In addition, you can choose between different paths and stages that you want depending on the characteristics of your pet to do the whole route or start it later and make it shorter.

If this option of plans and routes to enjoy with your dog fits you, you will have to plan the route and also the stays, that is, the times you are going to stop to rest or sleep.

Fortunately, nowadays you can book your dog-friendly accommodations when you prepare the trip, do it with time because not all the hostels on the Camino accept pets.


Plan nº5- Dog-friendly accommodations

For any of the plans and routes to enjoy with your dog that we have proposed, you will need to find a suitable accommodation for the two of you or for the whole family.

Fortunately, the offer is huge. And in all cases, contact with nature is practically guaranteed:

  • Dog-friendly lodges. They are a good option to rest with your dog, not only on the Camino de Santiago, but anywhere. These hostels are usually very economical.
  • Camping. Another option to make different plans and routes to enjoy with your dog is to rest in tents with your dog. It is very practical and allows you to enjoy nature to the fullest! You will see how your dog will love it.
  • Rural houses that allow dogs. It is becoming easier and easier to find rural houses that allow dogs and are prepared with all the comforts. This is a fantastic option if you go with family or friends.
  • Hotels that allow dogs. Finally, you can also stay with peace of mind in hotels that allow dogs. The hotels offer maximum comfort and are ideal for any of the plans and routes to enjoy with your dog. You will be able to sleep peacefully with your dog and take advantage of the opportunity to go sightseeing, whether rural or urban.


Very practical advice

Whatever plans and routes to enjoy with your dog you make, do not forget very basic and essential issues:

  • Always carry a small first aid kit with you, it can be of great help in case of an emergency.
  • It is also a good idea to have the contact of a veterinarian in the area you are going to visit, just in case.
  • Don’t forget to bring bags: owners are obliged to pick up their dog’s droppings and to bring bags to do so.

Make sure your dog is properly dewormed internally and externally and has up-to-date vaccinations and microchip, before accessing any of the enclosures and establishments that we have mentioned.


Vacations for your dog in Las Almenas

If, on the other hand, this Easter you are not going to be able to travel or make those plans and routes to enjoy with your dog that you like so much, you always have the option of providing your dog with a vacation in a dog hotel.

This way, your dog can enjoy a few days in an environment surrounded by nature, while socializing with other dogs and get rid of the stress of the city.

If you want to know how is our kennel of Las Almenas, we invite you to take a look at the individual rooms and the services we provide to all our canine guests.

Here you will not have to worry about anything because in our residence we have large green areas where your dog can play with other furry dogs of the same size under the supervision of highly qualified staff and dog and puppy lovers.

As you can see this Easter you have a lot of plans and routes to enjoy with your dog. Have you already thought about what you are going to do this vacation? Do you want to recommend any activity that you love to do with your dog? Share with us your experience here below, in the comments box, or on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as on our YouTube Channel.

We hope our tips have helped you, and that you put into practice the plans and routes to enjoy with your dog. See you next time!

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