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How do temperature changes affect dogs?

Did you know that temperature changes affect dogs affect their mood and eating habits? Just as it happens to humans, the arrival of cold and heat especially affects older dogs and puppies, leading to certain health conditions. In our blog of Las Almenas, today we want to tell you what are the main symptoms caused […]

10 forbidden foods for dogs that you should avoid

If you live with a dog or you are responsible for its health and care, it is essential that you know the list of forbidden foods for dogs. If, due to ignorance, you share with your pet any of these forbidden foods for dogs, it is possible that it will suffer intoxication and a series […]

Chocolate for dogs, danger!

It is so delicious that you may have been tempted to give chocolate to your pet, not knowing how dangerous chocolate is for dogs. What can happen to a dog if it has eaten chocolate? What is the amount considered as toxic? To answer these questions, as well as to know what we can do […]

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