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15 frequently asked questions about dogs, year in review!


But how fast time goes by! At the gates of receiving the new year 2023, from Las Almenas we want to make a review of the most frequently asked questions about dogs that you have sent us throughout this year. Many of these frequently asked questions about dogs, we have already answered in our blog, but in this article we summarize them for you.


15 frequently asked questions about dogs that you should answer

Whether you have a dog or you have a new year’s resolution to get a new doggy member in the family, these 20 frequently asked questions about dogs are sure to interest you:

1-How to choose a dog breed

In Las Almenas we have explained in many occasions which are the aspects to take into account when choosing a pedigree dog. It is important to evaluate the characteristics of each breed and if they fit your lifestyle. For example, if you have a big house and you like to practice sports and go on excursions, you may choose a big and very active dog. On the contrary, if you live in an apartment and you have to leave your dog alone during the working day, it is possible that some of the small and quiet breeds that we breed in Las Almenas will be more suitable.

In any case, and before any of the frequently asked questions about dogs and the choice of breed, the best thing to do is to ask your breeder where we will be able to advise you on the matter.




2-At what age a dog is delivered

We already know that newborn puppies are adorable, but if you want your dog to grow up healthy and emotionally balanced, it is advisable to leave it with its mother for almost the first two months of its life.

In responsible breeders, as is the case of Las Almenas, we respect the essential breeding times so that the puppy is fed in the healthiest way, with its mother’s milk, and learns to socialize with its litter brothers and sisters and with its mother’s teachings.


3- Why do dogs cry?

Among the frequently asked questions about dogs, this is one of the most distressing. But you must understand that dogs do not always cry because of their basic needs or adaptation problems. In many occasions crying is a way to get your attention or even out of boredom.

If you want to know more details, you can read our article Why do dogs cry? Meaning, causes and solutions


3- What is separation stress in dogs?

It is the anxiety that dogs feel when they are left alone at home. This severe anxiety can cause the dog to break objects and spend the day crying and howling until someone comes home or until the favorite person does.

There are many frequently asked questions about dogs and separation stress, so you can learn more about this topic in our article Separation stress in dogs.



4- What vaccinations are mandatory

To answer frequently asked questions about dogs and vaccinations, it is best to contact your veterinarian. However, as a responsible breeder for toy or mini breeds, at Las Almenas we have developed a specific protocol to protect our puppies from the most common dog diseases and zoonoses that can affect them (

Fortunately for some of the zoonoses in dogs there are vaccines, and some of them are mandatory:

  • At 6 weeks of life: parvovirus, distemper and two polyvalent.
  • At 8 weeks: the so-called polyvalent canine vaccine, which protects against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, leptospira.
  • At 12 weeks: again a reinforcement of the canine polyvalent.


5- Toys for dogs, which are the most suitable?

How we love to play and stimulate our furry friends! But it is possible that you get confused with so many toys on offer.

The most important thing to remember is that play is an essential activity in your dog’s life. Thanks to play, your dog develops physical, psychological and emotional skills.

The most important thing is to buy toys that are above all safe. Then, you will be able to choose among the different types that exist: interactive, stuffed animals, balls, teethers, etc.

If you want to know the answers to the most frequently asked questions about dogs and their toys, don’t miss our article: Dog toys: Which is the best option?


6-Mini-toy dog breeds

Are you thinking of getting a mini or toy dog? Then you should know the different breeds and their corresponding characteristics.

In general, small breed dogs tend to be active and energetic. But we can also find certain small and calm dog breeds that do not need a lot of physical activity and do not have a temperamental character. Do you want to know them? Well, in our article on small and calm dog breeds we will answer the most frequently asked questions about mini or toy dogs.


7-How to choose a breeder

Remember that buying a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly. Take your time to think about the impressions and information provided by the breeder. Of course, forget about buying your pet over the Internet from breeders that may not even exist. It is essential to be able to talk to the breeder and visit him/her.

And if you have any more doubts, ask us. Responsible breeders are used to answer frequently asked questions about dogs.


8-What is the tail for?

You still don’t know the infinite number of uses of a dog’s tail? Then you haven’t read one of our last blog articles about it: What is a dog’s tail for? (

You will surely discover the answer to a lot of frequently asked questions about dogs and their tails. Like, for example, that the tail helps balance the body, improves bowel movements, protects the genitals and, above all, is essential for communication.


9-What is the worst thing to feed a dog?

Food is one of the topics that generates more doubts among owners. We must take into account that some foods that are harmless for us, can lead to intoxications and a series of damages in the dog’s organism that can be fatal, as it is the case of mushrooms, chocolate or coffee.

If you want to know the rest of foods that are harmful to the health of your dog, here is our article that will solve frequently asked questions about dogs and food.


10- Is it good to neuter a dog?

If you want to know what is involved in the sterilization of a dog and what are its advantages and disadvantages, do not miss our article that will clarify the differences between spaying and neutering, and its convenience.


11- What are dogs afraid of?

Dogs can be afraid of thunderstorms, unfamiliar people, other dogs, etc. Almost all of these fears are due to poor socialization.

But, it should be noted that dogs have a very particular fear of firecrackers and fireworks. Do you want to know why and how to try to avoid it? Well, here we tell you.


12-How do dogs communicate?

It is possible that you have not yet realized how many gestures your dog makes and that they are his way of communicating his feelings. Therefore, there is no doubt that knowing how to understand your furry friend will improve your coexistence.

If you want to solve those frequent questions about dogs and their language, don’t miss our article about the 10 gestures you should understand.


13-Do dogs feel jealousy?

Well, the truth is that dogs do feel something very similar to what we know as jealousy. It is about certain behavioral problems that arise when they feel that their territory or their most important possession, which is possibly you, is in danger.

Do you want to discover our 5 tips to solve dog jealousy? Then click here to read our recommendations.


14-How much do dogs sleep?

There are many frequently asked questions about dogs and sleep. If my dog is a sleepyhead, if he doesn’t sleep enough, … Well, it depends on the age, the time of the year, the physical characteristics and even the breed.

We invite you to read our article How much do dogs sleep where we explain that puppies can sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day! A figure that can also be reached by elderly dogs. But also adults sleep more hours than we think.


15-Covid-19 in dogs, can they spread or catch it?

Undoubtedly the pandemic has marked this last year and this has made us worry about all the members of the family. And although not everything concerning Covid-19 in pets has been studied too much, we do know that both cats and dogs can also be infected, but not spread to other people or animals. It appears that cats are more susceptible than dogs to becoming infected with the virus that causes Covid-19.

Want to read more about it? Here is our article about covid-19 and dogs.


We are here to help you

We hope that during this year you have enjoyed our advice and that at some point we have been able to solve those frequently asked questions about dogs. In Las Almenas we will continue, one more year, raising our adorable mini or toy puppies, and taking care of all this great family of which you and your dog are also part of.

If you have any doubts or questions, especially about toy or mini dog breeds, we will be happy to answer them through this blog or on our  Facebook and Instagram profiles or on our YouTube channel. We are here to help you today and always, Happy New Year!

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