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10 fundamental tips, how to walk a dog in the street!


Surely this is one of the most important and desired moments for your dog. The walk not only allows him to relieve himself, but it is also essential for him to exercise, socialize with other dogs and release the stress of the day at home. So, as you can see, it is a good idea to take your outings to the street seriously to make them very enriching moments for your furry friend and for you. But do you know how to walk a dog in the street properly?

From Las Almenas, we have prepared these 10 essential tips for you to know how to walk a dog in the street and make this routine become a stimulating moment, full of fun and learning.



1-The first thing: let him relieve himself

The first minutes of the walk are exclusively for him to relieve himself. In those first 10 minutes you should leave him alone, without orders or any kind of pressure.

After that time you will be able to do more activities that we are going to tell you so that you know how to walk a dog in the street. However, you will see that the dog will continue urinating less frequently for another 15 minutes.


2-Walk for as long as necessary

In addition to knowing how to walk a dog in the street, you should dedicate the necessary time. This time will depend on the breed, size, particular needs and age of the dog.

Thus, the toy or mini dogs that we breed in Las Almenas are small-sized dog breeds that require less walking time. But, in general, dogs need between 40 minutes and two hours of walks divided between two or three times.

Remember to avoid the hours of maximum temperatures, since the dog can suffer from heat stroke.


3-Let him sniff

You may find it annoying or unpleasant, but it is in the natural behavior of dogs to sniff everything around them, such as plants and other dogs’ urine.

If your dog is properly vaccinated, you have nothing to fear, as he will not catch it. So let him relax and get to know what his environment is like and be able to identify which dogs are in his area.


4-Take him to new places

Another tip for you to learn how to walk a dog on the street is to modify or change the route of the walk. Just like people, new places stimulate and entertain us, which makes the walk a very enriching moment.


5-Facilitates their socialization

If your dog has been properly socialized as a puppy, it will have no problem socializing with other dogs regardless of their age or size. On the other hand, if the dog has not been socialized correctly, he may feel afraid or his behavior may not be appropriate or he may start barking and behaving in a nervous way.

Socialization of dogs is essential to their well-being, so you should allow them to approach other dogs if they want to. But never force your dog to socialize with others because it could cause him discomfort.

6-Procure off-leash playtime

Whenever you have an open, but fenced-in place where you can let your dog run free, let him enjoy ten minutes of off-leash running.

You can take the opportunity to play and throw him a ball or Frisbee, or just let him relax and be distracted at his leisure. Whatever he does, this is a great way to end the walk.


7-Practice training

In addition to learning how to walk a dog on the street, you should also practice training outside the home. There are a series of skills that you should get used to respond in any place or situation in which you find yourself. This is the case of basic obedience skills, such as the commands: sit, come, stay, etc.

However, before you start giving him orders, wait until he has done his business. This way, he won’t be nervous about wanting to please you and at the same time wanting to relieve himself.


8-Foster tranquility and well-being during the walk.

An important aspect of how to walk a dog in the street is to make sure that the walks are calm and relaxed. If you want, you can take advantage of the first hour of the morning or the last hour of the evening when everything is calmer, especially in cities.

During the walk, offer affection and support, and do not punish him. Remember that a stressed dog can worsen his behavior when he receives punishments.


9-Check his health before and after the walk.

It is important that you spend a few minutes to check your pet, especially the pads of the paws and nails, but you will also have to check that he comes home clean and that he has nothing stuck in his ears.

This way, you will be able to identify any problems and anticipate a possible illness, injury or fracture.


10-Premia good behaviors

Each of these tips we have given you on how to walk a dog on the street deserves a reward if your dog has behaved well. It is important that your dog relates walking, training and obedience with positive aspects.


How to walk a dog in the street on a leash

Does your dog pulls when you walk down the street and is always ahead of you? Then you will have to teach him to walk beside you.

Among the commands your dog can learn and which are essential when walking, is to walk beside you. This is important so that the dog does not run away or pull away, but, as we have already explained, the dog does not always have to be at your side. Remember that it is essential to let him sniff and discover his environment.

To get the dog to walk by your side, command him to walk with you and offer him a treat or reward. In this way, you are trying to get the dog to associate walking near you with receiving a treat. This will stop the tugging.

On the other hand, if you respond to his tugging by tugging, not only will you not achieve anything, but you may also cause some kind of injury due to the excessive pressure exerted by the collar on the throat.

In this regard, it is important to differentiate the types of collars and know how to choose the most appropriate one. In your favorite pet store they will be able to offer you all kinds of restraints to walk your dog, but you will have to know which one is the most appropriate for your pet:

  • Collar.

This is the classic restraint method that is indicated for those dogs that know how to walk without pulling.

  • Anti-escape collar.

It is the most recommended collar for those dogs that are fearful. This type of collar has a system that prevents the dog from breaking free from the restraint.

  • Harness.

If your dog pulls the leash or tries to free himself from the collar or you simply want to give him better comfort, the harness can be your best choice.

  • Anti-pull harness.

It is the model indicated for dogs that pull strongly on the leash, since it avoids the possible damages that can be caused with a normal collar.


There are other models of dog collars, but not all of them are advisable, as they can cause neck injuries and cause the dog to feel stress and fear. Remember that, no matter which type of collar you choose, it must fit snugly, but should never be too tight.



Is your dog afraid to walk in the street?

Now that you know how to walk a dog in the street properly, it’s time to teach your dog how to do it. If your dog has been socialized from puppyhood, you won’t have to teach him, but this is not the case with dogs that have not received proper attention and may be afraid to walk in the street.

If this is the case with your dog, you can ask a friend, who also has a dog, to go for a walk with you. By using another pet, your dog will be more relaxed and will understand what are the guidelines for walking in the street. It is the same thing that would happen if your dog lived in a pack, since these animals can continue learning, even if they are already adults.

Again, we insist on positive reinforcement, so, do not scold or punish him and, instead, offer him rewards and treats as he achieves his goals.


Always be attentive

As a last tip on how to walk a dog in the street, from Las Almenas we want to warn you of the importance of always being attentive to what the dog is doing during the whole walk. Not only to prevent him from putting anything in his mouth, but also to learn and get to know your dog better, the things he likes and dislikes, as well as his body language. This will undoubtedly improve your relationship.

We hope these tips on how to walk a dog on the street will be useful and will help you to make the walk a happy moment for your dog and for you. If you want to tell us about your experience, you can write us in the comments box or on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as on our YouTube Channel. From Las Almenas we encourage you to go out in the street, in the countryside or anywhere where your dog can walk, socialize and enjoy.

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