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We are a breeding center for small companion dogs. We have the best selection of breeding dogs, chosen for their temperament and characteristics.

A large family of furry dogs and four humans. Our facilities are prepared to respect the well-being of our pets to the maximum.

A home for your pet surrounded by nature where there is no stress and we offer you the best care.

Dog Breeding and Hotel

“We offer all our love, care and attention with an emphasis on physical and mental health, both when delivering a puppy, and during the stay in our hotel”.

Iván Merás Álvarez
Founding Partner


Loving and quiet dogs. They love to share time with their family.

Biewer Terrier

With a strong personality, the Biewers are extremely noble and possess an innate sense of companionship.


Playful, active and fun-loving dogs. Ideal for living with the whole family.


It is one of the most elegant and loved dogs by lovers of small breeds. Their size and fur make them look like beautiful cuddly toys.

Yorkshire Terrier

It adapts to living in any space and is capable of living with all kinds of people.

Shih Tzu

A small breed dog that stands out not only for its incredible spectacular coat, but also for its charming character.

Wiener dog

It is a very loyal and friendly companion, perfect for those who are going to have a dog in their home for the first time and don't have experience in taking care of dogs

We are a pet-loving family that has decided to live by its passion.
We have two amazing dogs at home, Heidi and Mini, who fill our lives with joy and laughter (and a little bit of chaos).
And since we never found the perfect dog hotel, we decided to create one ourselves!

What our clients

say about us

We are a big dog family, we breed dogs ethically and professionally. This means that every time we deliver a dog, they automatically become part of our family.

Irene and Río

"I wanted a little dog to keep me company and now I have a brother who takes care of me and plays with me"

Miguel and Pancho

"Thank you for giving us one more member of our family. My children are very happy with Max."

Silvia and Choco

"When I go on vacation I leave my dog at the hotel. Their facilities are incredible and they treat them with a lot of care"

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